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Monty Guild & Bill Murphy

April 29, 2016
Featured Guests:
Monty Guild & Bill Murphy

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  • Chris welcomes back Monty Guild of Guild Investment who sees solid signs in the commodities markets, in particular gold and crude oil.
  • Guild Investment is bullish on both sectors, due in part to expectations of future dollar weakness.
  • Their long-term viewpoint on gold is solidly bullish due to the need to payoff global debts through further currency debasement.
  • The massive economic engines of India and China will continue to absorb dwindling precious metals supply.
  • He expects oil and gold shares to benefit from the lower dollar theme. Brazil, Russia, and Canada are favorite investment nations.
  • The continuing economic theme of negative interest rates / QE is accelerating in Japan, amid unfavorable demographics.
  • Our guest is convinced that the failure of EU banks to follow their US colleagues and recapitalize following the 2008 economic emergency, could spark a new 2007-2008 style Credit Crisis in the next few years.
  • His finding is corroborated by friend of the show Boston University professor, Laurence Kotlikoff - the true domestic debt load is approaching $220 trillion.
  • A favorite equity includes biopharmaceutical Gilead Sciences (GILD).
  • Easy access to home loans in the US combined with the trend of immigration will continue to flood the real estate sector with capital.
  • For safety minded investors, Australia, Canada and the US are top on the Guild list of friendly nations, thanks to solid legal and accounting policies.
  • Bill Murphy from returns with encouraging comments on the PMs sector, in particular his "Texas Hedging Scenario."
  • The smart money is simultaneously long silver futures and bullion, instead of the more typical physical hedging arrangement.
  • The net impact suggests the big players, such as the commercials who are heavily short amid dwindling bullion supply, could trigger a force majeure.
  • The remarkable resiliency following each selloff suggests evidence of a sustainable rally.
  • The discussion includes comments from Keith Neumeyer, CEO of First Majestic Silver.
  • The respected silver market executive was contacted by a major electronics manufacturer, seeking to replenish their dwindling stockpile of silver bullion.
  • If the predictions of CEO Neumeyer come to pass, the price of silver will make a zenith over $100 per ounce.
  • Bill Murphy adds that the yellow metal is trading at half of the fundamental value, representing an irresistible bargain for metals-minded aficionados.

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