Wednesday, June 08, 2016

David Morgan & Bill Murphy

June 3, 2016
Featured Guests
David Morgan & Bill Murphy

  • Bill Murphy from returns to the show with his latest insights on the PMs sector.
  • Gold is off to the best start in a decade, while more than 10 major mining companies have doubled in value.
  • In the first quarter, about 1,100 fund managers including billionaire George Soros bought more than 78 million shares of Barrick Gold Corp (ABX).
  • Hedge fund legend, Stanley Druckenmiller continues to add gold to the portfolio following record QE by monetary policymakers in Japan, EU, and the US.
  • Druckenmiller bought 1.8 million shares in Barrick (ABX), which has gained over 100% this year.
  • Several of his colleagues concur, noting that gold does not carry negative interest rates.
  • The move by Soros and others to own Barrick, suggests that major players who sold at the top are finally returning to the market.
  • Since the big players cannot purchase smaller companies without putting the price up on themselves, smaller cap miners could benefit from the theme.
  • Bill Murphy notes that when silver closes solidly above $18.50, a return trip to $50 is inevitable.
  • David Morgan a.k.a. "The Silver Investor" from the Morgan Report gives a detailed overview of current silver market conditions.
  • Our guest adds must hear information to the Silver Majestic story, where the CEO was contacted by a large electronics manufacturer seeking silver supply.
  • The PMs bottom could be in place, due in part to a slow motion global economic implosion.
  • The silver market will likely build up momentum through higher highs and higher lows.
  • Silver aficionados will delight in our guest's prediction of a 2011 style, exponential climb in silver price, culminating with much higher than $50.
  • The mining shares sharp advance is de facto evidence of higher bullion prices to come.
  • David Morgan suggests building a solid bullion position in a diversified investment portfolio, followed by the addition of paper PMs assets.
  • The tipping point will likely occur once investors lose confidence in the global reserve currency, which will direct massive inflows from all currencies worldwide.
  • Unlike the 1980's PMs zenith, inflation and rates remain at record low levels, suggesting huge upside potential.

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