Friday, August 05, 2016

Bill Murphy and Bob Hoye

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July 29, 2016
Featured Guests
Bill Murphy and Bob Hoye

•Bob Hoye, senior investment strategist at Institutional Advisors returns with comments on global equities indexes.
•Policymakers are purportedly moving heaven and earth to prop up shares. Case in point.
•Economic Emperor, Shinzo Abe's regime is holding rates in negative territory, adding to the $13 trillions in total negative debt, worldwide.
• Consequently, negative rates is financial plutonium to the precious metals sector, as supported by Barsky and Summers (1988), via Gibson's Paradox.
•The S&P valuation is overextended with a price to earnings ratio (PE) near 25, much higher than the typical PE of 10-15 level.
•The 7 index sentiment index, which includes the put / call ratio among other metrics is the most elevated in years, another indication of frothiness.
•A recent study identified a direct link between the economic depression in Greece and sovereign debt.
•One of the world's leading banks, Deutsche Bank, shares continue to collapse due to reckless debt.
•The top 6 US money center banks hold an estimated 300 trillion dollars of interest rate sensitive, notional derivatives debt on their books.

• Bill Murphy from returns to the show with insights on the PMs sector.
• He notes the newly bullish character of gold / silver. The official gold rigging or "fix / pool" continues to unravel, representing an investment opportunity.
• Our guest examines the minutiae of the silver market, including unusual pre/post Fed meeting activity.
• Open interest imbalances could catapult the price first to $30, followed by $50, then onwards and upwards to $100 an ounce.
• His work reveals that a investment bank is primarily responsible for silver price suppression;
•The misguided financial institution has lost the reigns of the silver paper market, which could result in a force majeure and windfall profits for silver bulls.