Friday, September 09, 2016

Bill Murphy and Bob Hoye

Sep. 9, 2016
Featured Guests
Bill Murphy and Bob Hoye

  • Bill Murphy of returns to the show with insights on the PMs sector.
  • The gold cartel continues to be the key shadowy force behind downward price movements in the PMs sector.
  • Physical supply constraints are hindering their efforts, as evidenced by the sharp recovery in price in recent weeks.
  • The dialogue includes news from Sydney Australia via, that gold miner, Resolute is offering shareholders the option to receive gold bullion dividends.
  • The shares skyrocketed several fold in recent months since the announcement.
  • Recent commentary from Dr. Stephen Leeb implies that China's banks are accumulating large inventories of gold, to satisfy new IMF regulations.
  • Our guest thinks gold represents the de facto investment opportunity.
  • Bob Hoye, senior investment strategist of Institutional Advisors returns with comments on the financial markets.
  • Our guest is monitoring the gold to silver ratio closely, noting the predictive powers, similar to a credit spread or yield curve.
  • Every investment portfolio must include gold / silver assets; the perfect insurance against global money printing.
  • According to a Labor Department Report, the US jobs included 100,000 fewer than anticipated, implying that the Fed has less wiggle room to raise rates.
  • The Fed remains the only hold out among the central banking trifecta to keep rates above zero, i.e., the BOJ, ECB.
  • John Williams latest figures at, the true national unemployment rate is approaching 25%, the worst since the Great Depression.
  • The reason for the discrepancy is that officials no longer consider the 95 million discouraged workers as part of the tally.
  • Tame energy prices offer gold / silver miners a competitive advantage, as energy is a major production expense.
  • Bob Hoye outlines why the precious metals sector will eventually be the hottest venue in the financial world, at least doubling from current levels.