Friday, September 16, 2016

Jeffrey Nichols and Kevin Kerr

Sep. 16, 2016
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Jeffrey Nichols and Kevin Kerr


  • Jeffrey Nichols, Senior economist of Rosland Capital returns with his latest insights on the financial markets and the geopolitical drama.
  • His work indicates that once the $1,400 gold hurdle is surpassed, the former bull market return in all of its glory, ascending over $2,000.
  • Positive seasonal factors will continue to add upward momentum to the sector, due to demand stemming from Christmas, Hanukkah and Indian festivities.
  • Investors in newly affluent China will cause retailers to increase stockpiles.
  • Despite the remarkable 2016 rally, gold remains a de facto value relative to US equities, making gold an enticing bargain opportunity.
  • Large financial institutions / hedge funds / pension funds are turning to the relatively tiny PMs sector as an alternative to pricey shares / bonds.
  • Solid population growth in China / India will virtually insure robust future demand for the PMs.
  • Kevin Kerr of Kerr Trading International rejoins the show, with positive comments on the upcoming September 30th, US Federal Budget.
  • The current budget deficit exceeds $107 billion, the persistent issue implies the potential for challenging economic conditions on a national scale.
  • Many top guests on this show have championed the idea of a balanced US Federal budget, including Dr. Ron Paul.
  • Unfortunately, the issue remains political kryponite, anathema to the election process.
  • The similarities between the current US equities indexes and that of 2008 are chilling.
  • 2016 is also a Presidential year, with the potential for another 2008-2009 like Great Recession / market meltdown.
  • The duo conclude that every investment portfolio should be positioned / hedged against potential selling.
  • The bottom is in place for the PMs sector, while silver is poised to yield exceptional gains.
  • Among the key drivers sending investors flooding into the PMs sector, continued Brexit-like events in the EU and the potential for negative rates in the US.
  • Despite record crude oil supply levels, the sector could spike to as high as $65 should the CRB commodities index rally persist.

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