Friday, September 30, 2016

President Joseph Grosso, Arch Crawford and Listener's Q&A.

Sep. 30 2016
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President Joseph Grosso, Arch Crawford & Listener's Q&A.

  • Joseph Grosso - Golden Arrow Resources, Executive Chairman, CEO, & President returns with exciting news.
  • Hailing from scenic Buenos Aires, the "Big Apple" of South America, President Grosso outlines the key differences between PMs exploration and production.
  • One big discovery can require as many as 1,000 site visits - yet the tedious / time-consuming process can yield muy grande sized rewards.
  • In 23 years of exploration, President Grosso cites 3 major discoveries, one in gold and two in silver.
  • Through high quality "social license" and "economic feasibility" Golden Arrow Resources is head and shoulders above most competing PMs explorers.
  • Recent drilling results indicate that the flag ship property, Chinchillas is a young and growing "elephant sized" opportunity with enormous potential.
  • The partnership with major silver producer Silver Standard, represents a Herculean step forward for Golden Arrow within the next 6-8 months.
  • President Grosso expects gold to perform well, but for silver to outshine the yellow metal: in 1980, the gold : silver ratio was 15 : 1.
  • At approximately 70:1, investors today require seventy ounces of silver to purchase one ounce of gold, making silver an appealing alternative.

  • Arch Crawford, head of Crawford Perspectives showcases his investing methods that he's honed over forty years.
  • Market and astronomical anomalies indicate the potential of extreme volatility in 2017.
  • Arch thinks the Fed does not have the remaining fire power to hold the US equities markets aloft forever.
    Gold remains one of Arch's favorite markets.
  • The discussion includes the rumored "Metropolitan Plan" where US policymakers could implement negative interest rates (NIRP).
  • According to the Metropolitan Plan article, gold could ascend to over $10,000 per ounce - several top insiders are preparing contingencies.
  • Arch Crawford outlines support / resistance levels for the gold market - he's watching for a break above $1,400 gold as a bullish sign.

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