Friday, December 09, 2016

Bill Murphy & Bob Hoye


Show Highlights
  • Bill Murphy of outlines the unfolding drama surrounding the gold / silver market rigging by Deutsche Bank.
  • Company executives have offered details of their collaborators at competing financial institutions.
  • In the near future, millions of jobs will be jeopardized by the real threat of automation / AI.
  • Case in point, just opened the first employee free retail store, where no clerks, cashiers or managers are required.
  • Millions of delivery, tax, transportation, shipping jobs are at risk due to automated driving over the next 5-7 years.
  • The coming unemployment tsunami could require Universal basic income (UBI) to contain the societal unrest resulting from job automation.
  • The endgame may be runaway prices, as the flood of UBI funds deflate existing currency values, sending the PMs and related safe haven assets skyward.
  • The new administration appears to be securing new jobs; purportedly 50,000 new jobs could emerge from a $50 billion investment from a SoftBank deal.
  • Bob Hoye, editor and Chief investment strategist of Institutional Advisors brings decades of experience to the discussion.
  • The new Administration is attempting to rebuild nation in the wake of the destructive NAFTA that decimated the job base.
  • By taxing companies that ship jobs offshore, the American worker could recover after losing over 5 million high-paying industrial jobs since 2000.
  • A global populist uprising is underway beginning with the Grexit / Brexit and culminating with Italexit, the Italian referendum vote on Sunday.
  • Italy is poised to follow Great Britain out of the EU.
  • Leaders in Turkey are calling for citizens to accumulate gold and prepare for capital controls, adding to continued concerns about a global currency crisis.
  • The global population is no longer fearful of the their government; government is justifiable wary of the people, which is necessary for personal freedom.
  • The reigns of the national money supply are now up for grabs presenting an opportunity to reestablish a constitutionally sound gold / silver backed dollar.