Friday, December 30, 2016

Dr. Chris Martenson & Bob Hoye

Dec. 30, 2016
Featured Guests
Dr. Chris Martenson & Bob Hoye

Show Highlights
  • begins the 12th consecutive year on the digital airwaves with Bob Hoye, of Institutional Advisors.
  • US equities have reached frothy levels during the end-of-year rally making a correction likely in the New Year.
  • Our guest suggests that a Long-Credit Contraction is inevitable amid a post-bubble period where the senior currency, i.e., US Dollar should remain strong.
  • The gold / dollar ratio suggests that the bull market is merely dormant and will likely resume the uptrend in 2017.
  • Bob Hoye's technical indicators are setting up for a buying opportunity in the PMs mining sector.
  • The President-elect chose a gold aficionado, Congressman Mick Mulvaney from S.C. as the new Budget Director.
  • Dr. Martenson from outlines the factors sending the crude oil market skyward.
  • Reports indicate that OPEC members agreed with non-OPEC nations to curtail output.
  • The guest / host concur that $55 crude oil is a bargain - a more responsible valuation remains $70 per barrel.
  • Demand continues to soar in the US / China, for instance the US consumers 18 million barrels per day.
  • In Venezuela, inflation is approaching 500% as the 100 Bolivar note drops to two US cents - officials removed the currency denomination from circulation.
  • The new 20,000 Bolivar note is worth only $4.
  • The border with Columbia was closed to stem the flow of money out of the nation.
  • The official cover story involves thwarting counterfeiting and smuggling - in reality, runaway inflation has relegated the denominations to near worthless.
  • Gold demand from the two largest national consumers ground to a virtual halt at precisely the peak festival seasons, in both India as well as China.
  • The US Fed's balance sheet remains static at $4.5 trillion - it appears to be a holding pattern ahead of imminent QE to maintain the ailing domestic edifice.
  • Our guest suggests that an economic collapse is likely, beginning first with deflation that results in waves of new QE, culminating in runaway prices.
  • Another challenge facing domestic workers involves the rapid evolution of automated robotics / A.I. that is displacing workers at a rapid clip.
  • New estimates indicate that millions of delivery / transportation jobs could evaporate as robot transportation becomes widely accepted within 5-7 years.
  • The process is inevitable due to the exponential improvement productivity stemming from automated workers.
  • Automation comes with a hefty price tag of reduced incomes and lower consumer confidence levels.
  • An unspoken policy of financial repression worldwide appears to be gaining momentum - the PMs remain the de facto means to escape the trap.

Show Host
Chris Waltzek Ph.D.