Friday, December 16, 2016

Louis Navellier & Arch Crawford

Dec. 16, 2016
Featured Guests
Louis Navellier & Arch Crawford

Show Highlights
  • Louis Navellier of Navellier & Associates presents stocking stuffers to Radio listeners in the form of stock candidates (Figure 1.1.).
  • The list stems from the free Navellier Portfolio Grader service - the host reviews 20 stocks advancing from the hold to the buy designation.
  • Topping the list, Honeywell (HON) impresses with strong projected sales and solid earnings, despite the recent erosion of multinational profits.
  • The largest oil company, Exxon (XOM) has solid sales / earnings due in part to the cold winter weather and the resulting boost in natural gas demand.
  • Energy company Cimarex Energy (XEC) has strong projected sales of 19% and earnings of 320% plus the Permian basin exposure.
  • Major delivery service, FedEx (FED) is benefiting from holiday sales and the enormous trend towards online retailing.
  • In an ironic twist, the top online retailer Amazon (AMZN) is making a push into the brick and mortar retail / grocery space.
  • Our guest highlights a favorite stock candidate, engineering firm MasTec (MTZ) and materials company Vulcan Materials (VMC) a concrete company.
  • Technology companies like Nvidia (NVDA) supports top level GPU / graphical user interface technology including the CUDA language.
  • Our guest expects the impending referendum vote in France to be the next economic shock, potentially revamping the PMs sector.
  • Arch Crawford, head of Crawford Perspectives notes the waning momentum in the US equities markets.
  • Although the technical picture is less appealing, a Santa Claus rally seems likely in the last half of this month.
  • The discussion includes the global theme of currency devaluation.
  • Our guest notes that the Indian currency event could be the most significant, current economic development.
  • Venezuela just followed India's lead, dropping the 100 Bolivar note from circulation this week, now that it is only worth two US cents.
  • Venezuelans had only 2 days to exchange their Bolivars.
  • Such methods only stem the economic tide in the near-term; the long-term ramifications include food shortages, economic slowdown and runaway inflation.
  • Arch notes that crude oil could continue to climb in 2017 in tandem with the CRB commodities index.
  • Fed officials fears of an overheating economy and inflation are viewed as a positive sign for the PMs sector.
  • The topic veers outside the box into a highly speculative yet intriguing discussion on the nature / implications of artificial post-human intellects.