Friday, January 20, 2017

David Morgan, Bob Hoye & Listener's Q&A

David Morgan, Bob Hoye and Listener's Q&A                            

Show Highlights
  • Bob Hoye of Institutional Advisors rejoins the show with positive insights on the PMs sector noting a nascent cyclical bull market in the PMs miners.
  • Now that the first significant correction is passing, increased exposure to enticing gold / silver stocks is advisable.
  • Adding to the appeal of PMs investments, increased tensions between member nations and the EU, such as France, Italy, Portugal and Spain.
  • The discussion includes key research on the PMs sector from renowned investor, Doug Casey.
  • Using data from the World Gold Council, the Middle East is the third largest gold consumer, eclipsing even the US.
  • For the first time in modern history, the region could surpass India and even China as the top gold consumer.
  • Beginning in March 2017 new gold-friendly opportunities could facilitate sizable purchases of gold, silver and related commodities without violating Sharia law.
  • The duo discuss the implications of the sea change event for the PMs sector. Although the Fed retains carte blanch authority to absorb toxic debt, the threat of higher rates / yields is jeopardizing even their deep pockets.
  • The broad proliferation of exchange traded funds (ETFs) continues to flood the US equities market - company shares no longer dominate their own exchanges.
  • The Bitcoin ETF (GBTC), the brainchild of the infamous Winklevoss Twins, of Facebook, Social Network fame, remains the sole means to invest via markets.
  • GBTC is a regular Alpha Stock Newsletter candidate that has outperformed the market since added to the list.
  • The latest Listener's Q&A segment includes comments from longtime listener, John from San Diego.
  • John notes that market manipulation makes technical analysis obsolete. The host points to Wealth Building Strategies (Waltzek, 2010) and his PhD dissertation.
  • Enhanced Modern Portfolio Theory via Long-Memory Regimes (Waltzek, 2016), proves the point through statistical analysis with a high confidence level.
  • Technical analysis hinted at a murder of crows circling Lehman Brothers shares, as well as Bear Stearns and even the general equities markets in 2007-2008.
  • A caller from San Francisco expresses appreciation for the Radio program.
  • The show includes an encore performance from the Silver Investor, David Morgan.

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