Friday, January 13, 2017

Professor Laurence Kotlkoff, Peter Eliades

Jan. 13, 2017
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Professor Laurence Kotlikoff & Peter Eliades

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  • Despite the recent advance, his technical cycles work predicts a possible market peak.
  • If the advance / decline line fails to confirm a retest of the zenith, a decade long stock bear could emerge from the 8 year slumber.
  • A key component of his analysis includes his three decade cycle that seems to confirm his equities market top thesis.
  • Peter Eliades notes in a recent interview that gold represents real wealth.
  • According to economist Dr. Laurence Kotlikoff, the nation is facing runaway prices that could send the PMs skyward.
  • With over $200 trillion in total debt, more than twice as severe as bankrupt Detroit - policymakers may find salvaging the system challenging.
  • His new FREE book: You're Hired! illustrates how the working / middle class are trapped in an impossible welfare system.
  • He outlines his plan to revamp the system with proper incentives. He encourages listener to forward the plan to their congressional leaders.
  • Six months before the Treasury market collapse, he advised our listeners to avoid debt.
  • Given the threat of higher rates, municipal debt is at risk.
  • Job automation is gaining momentum via automated pharmacies, toll booths, restaurants, retailers, etc.; expect greater income distribution inconsistencies.
  • The discussion includes recent news that an IBM Watson computer replaced 34 mid-level insurance analyst positions, facilitating windfall profits.
  • Although shareholders will benefit, workers should take note as even formerly secure white-collar jobs are now at risk.
  • Our guest outlines pragmatic policies to reform the banking, healthcare and fiscal systems.

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