Friday, February 24, 2017

Bob Hoye & Andy Schectman


Feb. 24, 2017
Featured Guests
Bob Hoye and Andy Schectman

Show Highlights
  • Top money manager, John Ing recently presented to China his forecast for $2,200 an ounce. Our guest is bullish on gold, in the LT.
  • Bob Hoye notes that during every previous post bubble contraction, the real price of gold has ascended, making the PMs a solid portfolio asset, today.
  • Although the Greenback remains relatively strong, eventually the senior currency will be overcome by an inflationary economic maelstrom.
  • The concept of sentient robots / computers has lingered for over 100 years - from Asimov, Frank Herbert and Arthur C. Clarke to Philip K. Dick.
  • The concept of intelligent machines has enthralled readers and moviegoers alike.
  • TV shows such as Person of Interest as well as the UK drama, Humans 2.0 put a modern spin on the issue.
  • IBM's Deep Mind A.I, Alpha-Go defeated the world's Go Grandmaster, an event not expected for at least 10 years.
  • At the core of Deep Mind is a general purpose expert system; basically the program runs simulations.
  • Takeaway point: by allowing the A.I. to learn like a child via trial and error the general purpose A.I. is applicable to any situation.
  • General purpose A.I. appears to be on the cusp of crossing the threshold (note: purely speculative) into the realm of sentient A.I.s.
  • It is conceivable that just such a new life-form may be already live in the Deep Net, saving Bitcoins and establishing a virtual safe world for its digital progeny.
  • Andy Schectman of Miles Franklin Institute ($6 billion in sales) outlines why every investor should diversify their PMs holdings via an offshore account.
  • In 1933, President Roosevelt announced an executive order designed to confiscate gold that included at $10,000 fine.
  • The gold / silver ETFs are a modern equivalent to the executive order, indirectly confiscating the capital that would otherwise be directed to physical PMs.
  • The ideal alternative involves PMs ownership outside the USA via Brinks-Canada, a trusted / respected name in secure storage.
  • Miles Franklin negotiated a one-of-a-kind, fixed rate structure with 100% separate accounts as an added layer of safety.
  • Key point: Miles Franklin holds all client PMs and or cash in a large Brinks security box, which makes it fully insured and non-reportable to authorities.
  • The next Big Thing, appears to be The Internet of Things (IoT), an emerging technology that facilitates communications among virtually all devices.
  • IoT is poised to eclipse the growth of mobile phones, computers, laptops and the internet - a related ETF SNSR could capture much of the potential.

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