Friday, February 03, 2017

Jim Rogers and Charles Hughes Smith

Feb. 3, 2017
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Jim Rogers and Charles Hughes Smith

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  • Jim Rogers rejoins the show from his Singapore office with his latest market commentary.
  • The crude oil market appears to be building a bottom - he expects the low to emerge this year representing a buying opportunity.
  • Jim Rogers finds value opportunities in the base metals and other commodities sectors.
  • While the US equities markets rally is impressive, our guest points to financial history, noting that 3 rate hikes spells trouble for equities.
  • Given investor's distaste for US Treasuries in recent months, the go-to asset class could be come cash, Greenbacks, US dollars.
  • The US dollar registered a convincing technical bottom in the weekly chart last week, suggesting that the uptrend could resume in the dollar bull ETF (UUP).
  • Jim Rogers is concerned by comments from the new Administration suggesting the potential for trade wars, typically ending with few winners.
  • The discussion includes the pressing issue of financial safe havens.
  • The PMs gold / silver backed cryptocurrencies such as SilverBit / GoldBit offer some of the benefits of both currencies in one instrument.
  • Charles Hughes Smith from the Of Two Minds blog returns with commentary on the US economy / financial markets.
  • US corporate buybacks data indicates that near zero interest rates has enabled thousands of firms to issue debt at low rates used to support share prices.
  • The financial slight of hand is based on the concept of rising corporate earnings.
  • According to work by David Stockman, debt is the primary means of economic growth.
  • Currently the national debt stands at the Dow advance and US debt (Figure 1.1).
  • National income and corporate earnings trends are static, for the most part, suggesting a decreasing return on each dollar of debt accumulated.
  • Debt growth has eclipsed the rate of GDP expansion, presenting yet another red flag, further degrading the nation credit score.
  • History teaches that as currencies are devalued, bad money drives out good, i.e. Gresham's Law, which may explain much of the push to abolish cash.
  • Charles Hughes Smith notes that all the bad debt will eventually be written off - he advocates sound money investments such as arable land and PMs.

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