Friday, March 31, 2017

Martin Armstrong, David Morgan and Chris Waltzek


March 31, 2017
Featured Guests
Martin Armstrong ; David Morgan

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Show Highlights
  • According to The Silver Investor David Morgan, the nascent silver bull market is alive and well.
  • The guest / host agree that the PMs sector found a firm bottom in 2015 making the buy and hold method ideal for most investors.
  • For more intrepid investors, David Morgan's proprietary gold / silver ratio analysis strongly suggests higher prices to come.
  • The silver Commitments of Traders reports adds insights into market sentiment.
  • Buying silver bullion in quantity for the long-term remains the ideal hedge.
  • Cuisine for cogitation includes a new reagent that promises to revolutionize gold / silver processing, via an environmental friendly, cyanide-free method.
  • Chris welcomes back a modern Jesse Livermore, Martin Armstrong of Armstrong Economics, the subject of the documentary film, The Forecaster (2015).
  • Although central banks around the globe have lowered interest rates, taxation rates continue to climb.
  • Officials in the US and the EU have called on Martin Armstrong during periods of economic chaos over the past 30 years.
  • Our guest suggests they consult with actual traders who understand the market mechanics, not just economic theory.
  • Armstrong advises gold investors to ignore the inflation / deflation debate; focus instead on the the yellow metal as a hedge against governments.
  • He shares a witty quote by Milton Friedman: If you put economic policymakers in charge of the Sahara, there would be a shortage of sand in 3 years.
  • Given central bankers control the currency system, the inevitable collapse is destined to propel the PMs skyward.
  • A dollar rally will trigger the global reset - as rates increase, over $500 trillion in interest rate sensitive derivatives bets, CDOs, MDO, etc. will implode.
  • US equities will continue to soar, with the Dow climbing to perhaps as high as 40,000 or more, along with the PMs.
  • Our guest advises against purchasing government debt - the supposed risk-free rate is far more risky than blue-chip shares by comparison and rarely default.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts and Peter Spina

March 24, 2017
Featured Guests
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts and Peter Spina

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Chris Waltzek Ph.D.
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Show Highlights
  • Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy returns with perhaps the most dire news to date.
  • He questions the validity of the official 4.7% employment figure, preferring instead the 23% unemployment number.
  • The discrepancy arises because job seekers are considered unemployed after only a few weeks of inactivity.
  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) inflates the monthly figure by 100,000-200,000 jobs by way of hedonic measures.
  • The true inflation rate is twice the current level via the U6 - the slight of hand allows unscrupulous officials to maintain unfairly low social security payments.
  • Billions of dollars of paper shorts dumped on the gold futures market via the Plunge Protection Team (PPT) aids and abets the manipulation scheme.
  • Ultimately, our guest anticipates a global nuclear cataclysm as internal forces foment conflict between the US and its major trading partners.
  • / President and founder, Peter Spina returns to the show with his mining share analysis, from his home in the Czech Republic.
  • Similar to the PMs sector, Prague has emerged from the former communist regime, entering a new Golden Era.
  • Peter outlines the unique character / appeal of the central European culture, including the entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Peter outlines the remarkable 500% return on 5 of his gold mining candidates recently announced at a Vancouver conference.
  • While virtually every PMs stock performed spectacularly in 2016, Peter Spina emphasizes the importance of quality in 2017.
  • Companies like Silver Wheaton (SWC) and Royal Gold (RGLD) are covered.
  • The guest / host concur that at the core of every successful investment portfolio lies gold / silver bullion.
  • Northern Vertex Mining (NEE.v), a company in which he continues to accumulate shares (Figure 1.1) is opening a mine in Arizona.
  • NEE.v continues substantial exploration work and is located in a favorable location near Las Vegas.
  • The duo also agree that the silver sector represents a remarkable valuation opportunity.


Friday, March 17, 2017

Peter Grandich and Bob Hoye

March 17, 2017
Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Featured Guests
Peter Grandich and Bob Hoye

Show Highlights
  • Bob Hoye of Institutional Advisors rejoins the show in rare form with timely market commentary and historical perspective.
  • Although a confirmed gold bull, Bob Hoye questions the validity of the gold manipulation story, preferring instead to monitor the gold / silver ratio.
  • Currently, indicators suggest ensuing chaos in the credit market via the high yield / low grade bond market.
  • Each time over the past decade that proprietary technical indicators reached current levels, the US stock market reached a critical peak.
  • The superstar cryptocurrency Bitcoin revolution recently eclipsed the price of gold for the first time, signifying high demand for currency anonymity.
  • Given the challenges involved with investing in Bitcoins, the only Bitcoin ETF, GBTC is a convenient alternative.
  • Part of the appeal underpinning the Bitcoin phenomenon results from the ease of divisibility of units. Bitcoins are divisible down to a Satoshi, 0.00000001.
  • No matter how high the price may skyrocket, Bitcoins can be purchased at any increment for any transaction.
  • The bifurcation allows for speculation in Bitcoins in tandem with monetary usage.
  • Bob Hoye applauds cryptocurrency aficionados for moving the global economy away from centralization.
  • The breakthrough facilitates greater freedom for digital denizens forcing bureaucrats to conform to the digital revolution.
  • The recent stealth rate hike by the FOMC appears to be a trap set for unsuspecting investors.
  • The FFF contracts predicted several more months before a quarter point hike in the benchmark lending rate.
  • The discussion veers into the realm of quantum mechanics / computing, Q-bits, CERN, the large hadron collider in France / Switzerland and parallel universes.
  • According to peer-reviewed literature, each Q-bit has access to an alternative / parallel universe, allowing for an exponential increase in computing speeds.
  • While the outdated quantum computer, D-Wave, was faster than 7 billion human minds, the entire global populace.
  • Peter Grandich of Peter Grandich and Company notes, "I haven't been this bullish on gold in 20 years."
  • The duo discuss today's FOMC meeting where concerns over domestic inflation and an overheating economy lead Fed officials to raise the lending rate.
  • The quarter point rate hike sent the PMs sector sharply higher.
  • The event could signify much better times ahead for gold and silver investors as the US dollar trade may be crowded.
  • Given the Atlanta Federal Reserve's 1% GDP target, policymakers could reverse course as soon as Spring of next year.
  • When merely a fraction of the funds pouring into the US equities / Greenback / energy markets from around the globe are redirected to the PMs sector.
  • The confluence of events will catapult gold and silver investments past their 2011 zeniths.
  • Several Western US states are adding legislation that makes gold and silver legal tender, removing state capital gains taxes.
  • Although off topic, Edward Snowden recently announced an intriguing hypothesis regarding extraterrestrial communications, via encryption.

Show Host
Chris Waltzek Ph.D.
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Friday, March 10, 2017

Bill Murphy, John Williams and Chris Waltzek Ph.D.

March 10, 2017
Featured Guests
John Williams and Bill Murphy

Show Highlights
  • Following a remarkable 9 week silver market rally, Bill Murphy of says that the gold cartel is back in play in the silver market.
  • Another likely explanation for recent volatility includes the upcoming stealth rate hike by Fed policymakers.
  • Chairwoman Janet Yellen's comments last week startled investors.
  • The Fed Funds Futures contracts (FFF) indicates high odds of a rate hike at the upcoming FOMC meeting, slated for March 14-15.
  • The unexpected move will come 4 months earlier than previously forecasted by the FFF.
  • In 2010, the silver market remained subdued for nearly a year, before staging a 200% rally.
  • Given the bottoming price action, the market could be carving out a similar bottom. The guest and host concur that silver is destined for triple digits.
  • According to Zero Hedge, 160 million Americans, over half the country cannot withstand a $500 emergency expense.
  • Such a dire savings dilemma implies that only a small fraction of the populace have procurred sufficient PM ahead of the coming economic deluge.
  • Once the herd recognizes the threat, the inelastic supply / demand conditions could result in a flock of "Black Swans."
  • Nearly 2,000 global billionaires hold $6.5 trillion in wealth - just one billionaire like silver aficionado Hugo Salinas Price, could corner the silver market.
  • Rogue economist, John Williams of says the Great Recession of 2008-2009 is still underway, contrary to the mainline media.
  • Although the official national unemployment rate is steady at under 5%, the true unemployment rate is at least 4 times as high at 23%.
  • The slight of hand requires an epic cover-up on a grand scale.
  • John Williams outlines how the PTB accomplished the feat and the economic implications.
  • Discouraged workers are no longer counted due to changes in the unemployment calculations making the economy in worse shape than reported.
  • When the true inflation rate is used to deflate GDP numbers, the US has been in an unofficial recession for 16 consecutive years.
  • Free trade has positive theoretical economic benefits, but deleterious ramifications for many high quality domestic jobs.
  • Ultimately the economic fallout will impact the Greenback, which will collapse sending the yellow metal to at least $10,000 and perhaps many fold higher.
  • Case in point, in Venezuela recent reports show that a silver coin suddenly buys $250 worth of groceries.

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Chris Waltzek Ph.D.
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Friday, March 03, 2017

Andrew Maguire and John Embry

March 3, 2017
Featured Guests
Andrew Maguire and John Embry

Show Highlights
  • Andrew Maguire, of Andrew Maguire Gold Trading a 40 year gold market veteran and whistleblower, returns with startling news on the precious metals.
  • Our guest examines the minutiae of the markets noting that decades of manipulation has broken the gold / silver paper markets.
  • As a result, the physical market is reasserting dominance over paper promises.
  • Analysis of the options markets suggests that the 6 major bullion banks via the BOE are locked into losing short-sale positions.
  • Key Point: options analysis indicates a gold fair value of $1,400 given the 92/1 paper to bullion dilution.
  • Within 3-6 months, a short-covering squeeze could launch the markets into orbit, culminating with $2,000+ gold.
  • Even if the US dollar continues to rebound from oversold conditions, the PMs will likely rally along with the Greenback as price equilibrium is reestablished.
  • The manipulators cannot expect another rescue from culpable policymakers by another coordinated sale of 400 tons of gold by the BOE.
  • A COMEX default is inevitable, which will launch the metals into the stratosphere.
  • Our guest warns gold / silver shorts: beware, an inevitable force majeure on the COMEX will culminate in catastrophic losses.
  • John Embry, Chief Investment Strategist at Sprott Asset Management, returns to the program with his thoughts on the precious metals sector.
    The duo caution investors from parking too many investment portfolio eggs in paper assets, stocks / bonds given the abrupt rout in the Shanghai index
  • Conversely, the pullback in the precious metals sector is presenting a golden opportunity to procure value via dollar cost averaging.
  • Given the current mega-discounted prices, gold and silver producers are trading at a fraction of the price of their underlying metals.
  • Our guest notes the Greek nation is bankrupt, but EU economic ministers are constrained from stringent practices, because an exit could damage credibility, sending the dominos falling among other debt laden peripheral members.
  • The guest and host concur that the onus of responsibility for debt repayment falls squarely on the shoulders of the lender.
  • Nevertheless, the easy money carrot is still dangling, as the potential profits are too enticing for some to resist.
  • A mini-case study of Greece vs. Iceland involves the 2008 credit crisis.
  • Iceland emerged in far better economic shape.
  • By managing lenders and focusing on the rights of individuals, unemployment and GDP, economic order quickly revived, relative to Greece, where officials chose to ignore the Icelandic success story (Figures 1.1. - 1.3.).
  • The Icelandic tale resembles a modern economic version of David vs. Goliath.

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Chris Waltzek Ph.D.
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