Friday, March 31, 2017

Martin Armstrong, David Morgan and Chris Waltzek


March 31, 2017
Featured Guests
Martin Armstrong ; David Morgan

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Show Highlights
  • According to The Silver Investor David Morgan, the nascent silver bull market is alive and well.
  • The guest / host agree that the PMs sector found a firm bottom in 2015 making the buy and hold method ideal for most investors.
  • For more intrepid investors, David Morgan's proprietary gold / silver ratio analysis strongly suggests higher prices to come.
  • The silver Commitments of Traders reports adds insights into market sentiment.
  • Buying silver bullion in quantity for the long-term remains the ideal hedge.
  • Cuisine for cogitation includes a new reagent that promises to revolutionize gold / silver processing, via an environmental friendly, cyanide-free method.
  • Chris welcomes back a modern Jesse Livermore, Martin Armstrong of Armstrong Economics, the subject of the documentary film, The Forecaster (2015).
  • Although central banks around the globe have lowered interest rates, taxation rates continue to climb.
  • Officials in the US and the EU have called on Martin Armstrong during periods of economic chaos over the past 30 years.
  • Our guest suggests they consult with actual traders who understand the market mechanics, not just economic theory.
  • Armstrong advises gold investors to ignore the inflation / deflation debate; focus instead on the the yellow metal as a hedge against governments.
  • He shares a witty quote by Milton Friedman: If you put economic policymakers in charge of the Sahara, there would be a shortage of sand in 3 years.
  • Given central bankers control the currency system, the inevitable collapse is destined to propel the PMs skyward.
  • A dollar rally will trigger the global reset - as rates increase, over $500 trillion in interest rate sensitive derivatives bets, CDOs, MDO, etc. will implode.
  • US equities will continue to soar, with the Dow climbing to perhaps as high as 40,000 or more, along with the PMs.
  • Our guest advises against purchasing government debt - the supposed risk-free rate is far more risky than blue-chip shares by comparison and rarely default.