Friday, April 21, 2017

Louis Navellier, Chris Powell and Chris Waltzek


Chris Powell outlines the documented PMs market rigging / manipulation.
  • Key investment banks settled nearly $100 million in combined gold and silver manipulation settlements.
  • According to's findings, our officials have carte blanch authority to rig the markets in any way they see fit and by any means necessary.
  • Without price transparency, free markets cannot exist.
  • The duo examine the impact of their machinations, questioning if any investor can avoid the impact of price rigging.
  • One of's sources reveals that the central banks of central banks, the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) actively rigs the gold market.
  • Not the fox but the lion guards the hen house.
  • Koos Jansen, financial journalist Guillermo Barba and other researchers lead the charge by questioning global central banks about their gold reserves.
  • In 1998, Dr. Alan Greenspan testified before Congress that the Fed and their counterparts rig the gold market to the benefit of global society.
  • Despite the best efforts of Indian government officials, 1 billion citizens refused to turn over their 24,000 tons of gold holdings.
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    • Chris welcomes back Louis Navellier of Navellier & Associates. Louis Navellier discusses his top portfolio candidates.
    • Favorite gold mining stock, Franco FNV, and a lithium mining firm are discussed.
    • The host and guest agree on the merits of one key company, major chip maker, nVidia, NVDA, which produces GPU technology.
    • Favorite energy stocks include Pioneer Natural Resources PXD and Devon Energy DVN.
    • Expect technology shares to outperform in 2017 as new chip technology from Apple AAPL continues to push the sector higher.
    • Optical switching companies such as Applied Optoelectronics AAOI and Oclaro OCLR are speeding up modems and could to facilitate 4k video streaming.
    • Companies continue to repurchase their capital stock, reducing share float and by proxy increasing price.
    • The only major threat to US shares could be the failure to pass the corporate tax reform plan.
    • If the measures fail to pass Capital hill, the event threatens to derail the US stock market advance.

    Friday, April 14, 2017

    Peter Schiff, Bill Murphy & Chris Waltzek

    April 14, 2017
    Featured Guests
    Peter Schiff and Bill Murphy

    Show Highlights
    • The head of SchiffGold, Euro Pacific Capital, and Euro Pacific Gold Fund (EPGFX), thinks the US Fed is preparing for the largest bailout in history.
    • QE4 could send gold to $5,000+.
    • A new US Housing bubble has arrived, a.k.a. the echo bubble, due to institutional speculation.
    • But this time the subprime debt is also concentrated in delinquent auto / student loans putting $4 trillion at risk.
    • US equities are also in bubble territory with the Dow higher only a few percent in 2017 compared with the spectacular 10%+ gains of the PMs.
    • Financing the proposed fiscal stimulus plans could double the Federal spending deficit from $1 to $2 per year, eroding the purchasing power of the US dollar.
    • Once the public realizes its been duped by overinflated housing / stock prices, the herd will panic and the next PMs stampede will begin in earnest.
    • The Euro Pacific Gold Fund, EPGFX may represent a value opportunity for investors interested in the sector who wish to avoid individual share risk.
    • At some point in the near future, institutions and deep pocket investors, central banks and sovereign funds could unintentionally corner the PMs shares / bullion.
    • Unless investors heed his warning, Peter Schiff expects entire generations of retirees to be wiped out by the coming inflationary maelstrom.
    • Takeaway point - a global gold standard is inevitable and merely a matter of time.
    • Bill Murphy of returns with upbeat commentary on the PMs sector.
    • With silver higher by approx. 15% and gold over 10% already this year, the silver market appears to be winding up for an explosive move.
    • For the technically savvy, a bullish head and shoulders pattern implies a possible run back to the $21+ peak of 2016.
    • Once silver clears the first target, $26 is the next area of resistance to overcome.
    • With US housing in an echo bubble, US stocks at lofty levels unseen since the year 2000 peak the PMs appear to present a solid valuation.

    Friday, April 07, 2017

    Jeffrey Nichols, Harry S. Dent Jr. and Chris Waltzek Ph.D.

    April 7, 2017
    Featured Guests
    Jeffrey Nichols & Harry S. Dent Jr.

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    Show Highlights
    • According to Harry S. Dent Jr., investors should ignore FOMC rate hikes and buy gold - slower job growth could cap US equities prices in 2017. The imminent
    • Greek default slated for this July could be another stumbling block for the financial markets.
    • Implementing the new tax cuts / health care plan proposed by the Administration could be challenging.
    • The Echo Housing Bubble is tied to bubbles in US equities / bonds, all of which threaten to topple the global financial system.
    • Harry S. Dent's economic model indicates a long-term economic downturn began in 2008 and continues to this day.
    • The current economic uptick is merely a fata morgana. Outside the USA, the EU and China are facing their own bubble-troubles.
    • Our guest expects gold and commodities to emerge as the strongest markets along with India during the impending crises.
      Jeffrey Nichols of Rosland Capital returns with comments on the recent FOMC rate decision and the potential impact on the PMs sector.
    • The rate hike appears to be a nonevent; the gold market ignored the FOMC - anticipated the rate hike.
    • Traders continue to focus on real interest rates - the everyday, nominal rate adjusted for price inflation.
    • The official inflation numbers may be bogus - our guest questions the validity of the figures noting that the CPI vastly understates the cost of living.
    • The CPI fails to reflect the shift in consumer tastes away from luxury items in favor of cheaper consumer goods / smaller package sizes.
    • Investors prefer the precious metals as a means to shield their investment portfolios from insidious inflation.
    • The growing problem of underemployment continues to plague the nation.
    • Tens of millions of American's have accepted employment / wages well below their skill / experience level.
    • Jeffrey Nichols finds a bifurcated American economy, where a few thrive economically, while the majority struggle to make ends meet.
    • The gold-bull market never ended; bullion and shares are poised for astronomical gains.