Friday, April 14, 2017

Peter Schiff, Bill Murphy & Chris Waltzek

April 14, 2017
Featured Guests
Peter Schiff and Bill Murphy

Show Highlights
  • The head of SchiffGold, Euro Pacific Capital, and Euro Pacific Gold Fund (EPGFX), thinks the US Fed is preparing for the largest bailout in history.
  • QE4 could send gold to $5,000+.
  • A new US Housing bubble has arrived, a.k.a. the echo bubble, due to institutional speculation.
  • But this time the subprime debt is also concentrated in delinquent auto / student loans putting $4 trillion at risk.
  • US equities are also in bubble territory with the Dow higher only a few percent in 2017 compared with the spectacular 10%+ gains of the PMs.
  • Financing the proposed fiscal stimulus plans could double the Federal spending deficit from $1 to $2 per year, eroding the purchasing power of the US dollar.
  • Once the public realizes its been duped by overinflated housing / stock prices, the herd will panic and the next PMs stampede will begin in earnest.
  • The Euro Pacific Gold Fund, EPGFX may represent a value opportunity for investors interested in the sector who wish to avoid individual share risk.
  • At some point in the near future, institutions and deep pocket investors, central banks and sovereign funds could unintentionally corner the PMs shares / bullion.
  • Unless investors heed his warning, Peter Schiff expects entire generations of retirees to be wiped out by the coming inflationary maelstrom.
  • Takeaway point - a global gold standard is inevitable and merely a matter of time.
  • Bill Murphy of returns with upbeat commentary on the PMs sector.
  • With silver higher by approx. 15% and gold over 10% already this year, the silver market appears to be winding up for an explosive move.
  • For the technically savvy, a bullish head and shoulders pattern implies a possible run back to the $21+ peak of 2016.
  • Once silver clears the first target, $26 is the next area of resistance to overcome.
  • With US housing in an echo bubble, US stocks at lofty levels unseen since the year 2000 peak the PMs appear to present a solid valuation.