Friday, May 05, 2017

Michael Eastham, Chris Martenson Ph.D. & Chris Waltzek Ph.D.

May 5, 2017
Featured Guests
Michael Eastham & Chris Martenson Ph.D.

Show Highlights
  • Michael Eastham, Founder and President of Fellowship Financial Group and author of Common-Sense Income Strategies, makes his debut on Goldseek.
  • As investors approach the age of 50, their focus should shift away from capital performance to income maximization.
  • Our guest guides clients away from market timing approaches in favor of solid, reliable income strategies.
  • Investors under 50 typically can afford the luxury of higher risk investments, but as retirement approaches the odds of recouping ill-timed investments, dwindles.
  • Developing a 4-7% dividend stream facilitates a comfortable retirement, bypassing the urge to gamble via risky shares.
  • Readers are encouraged to download Michael Eastham's must read investing paper, The Red Zone of Retirement, in PDF format.
  • The duo discuss methods to boost passive, dividend income in the precious metals sector.
  • Chris Martenson from returns to the show, author of the must read book, Prosper!.
  • The guest / host concur, the Great Recession of 2008 never ended; policymakers merely delayed the inevitable day of economic reckoning.
  • His sources indicate that Fed insiders are de facto manipulating the CME futures markets via colocation near the exchanges.
  • Although the precious metals markets have corrected ahead of Fed rate hikes, liquidity actually expanded with approximately $5 billion directed to banks.
  • The USD/JPN currency pair has an approximate 85% correlation with the gold price, offering speculators a potentially lucrative arbitrage opportunity.
  • The precious metals markets may be on the cusp of exciting times amid record demand / supply conditions.
  • Chris Martenson is equally encouraged by severe supply shortfalls in silver output, further evidence supporting the potential for explosive gains.
  • Our guest presents compelling evidence of declining oil discoveries beginning in 2014, leading to shortages by 2018.
  • Expect a rare opportunity to purchase high yielding energy royalty shares at relative discounts.
  • The crude oil sector represents a potential value; OPEC nations continue to flood the market with every available source.
  • Given the cost of $100-$125 per barrel through deep water drilling, the guest / host share an oil price target of $75-$100+.
  • One key caveat: if the economic boom in China slows significantly, demand for crude could experience a temporary pause.
  • Key takeaway: given the expected oil supply shortfall over the next three years, makes accumulating related shares, advisable.