Friday, June 30, 2017

Gerald Celente & Bob Hoye / Chris Waltzek Ph.D.

June 23, 2017
Featured Guests
Gerald Celente & Bob Hoye
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Show Highlights
  • Bob Hoye of Institutional Advisors rejoins the show with a fresh perspective on the financial markets / cryptocurrencies.
  • His proprietary indicators suggest US shares are reaching bubble territory as speculative euphoria is approaching year 2000 dot.bomb levels.
  • The host / guest discuss Bob's excellent technical chart.
  • The host views Bitcoin as a gold rush, circa the 1995 days with the next target after a correction, $10,000 per coin.
  • The guest views the current 3 fold increase in Bitcoin as the ultimate top.
  • An early Bitcoin competitor, LiteCoin blasted higher overnight, on news that investors in China / Singapore would have access to LiteCoin via CoinBase.
  • Unlike the commodities market / shares bubble, the PTB have virtually zero means to cap the crypto space via naked short-selling.
  • Cryptocurrencies could represent the greatest bubble of financial history with Bitcoin the Google-like model of a new digital revolution.
  • Head of the Trends Research Institute, Gerald Celente returns with grave concerns for the US middle class and the wealth gap.
  • Tens of millions live below the poverty line, 102 able bodied citizens are out of work while a tiny fraction own half the world's wealth.
  • Corporate takeovers oftentimes lead to large downsizing / job cuts, as management seeks to streamline operations.
  • Gerald Celente expects the trend to persist, leading to greater employment risk.
  • Thanks in no small part to Midwest fracking operations, the US is expected to eclipse Russia in gas / oil production, a in turn boosting domestic employment.
  • Record oil reserves and operating oil rigs, have put the price of WTIC under pressure - but once the glut passes, $75-$100 per barrel could unfold.
  • Due to weak domestic GDP figures, Celente and the host concur that the odds of a second rate hike this year are slim.
  • With geopolitical risks ratcheting up, e.g. war in Syria, and potentially in Iran, gold remains the ultimate safe-haven investment asset.
  • Downside risk is merely $1,100, while a solid break above $1,300-$1,400 could springboard bullion to the former bull market peak of $2,000+.
  • Adding to the positive gold story, the recent equities bonanza has diverted attention away from the thermonuclear bomb blast shelter.
  • Investors are advised to procure precious metals insurance and avoid the mainstream propaganda; MacCarthy-like, Russo-phobia.
  • Much of the recent Bitcoin price explosion is directly tied to the decision by officials in Japan to facilitate the cryptocurrency as legal tender, providing a relatively free / anonymous alternative for financial transactions.

Martin Armstrong and Peter Schiff

June 30, 2017
Featured Guests
Martin Armstrong and Peter Schiff
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Show Highlights
  • Despite the coordinated efforts of the PTB to cap the price, gold has still ascended about 10% in 2017.
  • Their efforts are in vain as the price of gold will inevitably reach its intrinsic value, north of $2,000.
  • The gold revival could be abrupt as investors scramble to procure the metal at almost any price.
  • Peter Schiff expects the nascent gold bull market hinges on a shift in Fed policy to rate cuts and renewed QE4. Home ownership remains near 60 year lows; the housing market is approaching Bubble 2.0 levels.
  • Commercial real estate is also in jeopardy due to excessive vacant space amid a "Retail Apocalypse." Peter Schiff calls for lower government oversight / regulation to reduce the burden of employment.
  • US educators are encouraged to implement an apprenticeship program.
  • Peter Schiff cautions investors to avoid paper gold contracts - gold bullion presents the best opportunity for wealth preservation.
  • In Part I of this riveting discussion with global financier, Martin Armstrong of Armstrong Economics, discusses his two upcoming seminars.
  • The Forecaster was one of the few to correctly anticipate the runaway bull market in US equities.
  • He is calling for 23,000 Dow and if that is eclipsed, perhaps a parabolic move as the general public lost its appetite for shares during the 2009 crash.
  • Our guest expects the European Central Bank (ECB) to file for bankruptcy protection, culminating with higher rates.
  • According to his capital flow analysis, he presents contingency plans for investors to shield their portfolios from the onslaught, including gold.
  • Ethereum was recently used in an IBM / Samsung program to help a washing machine, order its own detergent, call and pay for repair service.
  • The sea change event will facilitate the Internet of Things (IoT), encourage artificial intelligence and lead to breakthroughs not yet anticipated by even top notch SciFi writers (figure 1.1).

Friday, June 16, 2017

Dr. Stephen Leeb, Bill Murphy, Chris Waltzek Ph.D., Robert Ian - June 16, 2017 - A Spina - Waltzek Production - ©2017.

June 16, 2017
Featured Guests
Dr. Stephen Leeb & Bill Murphy

Show Highlights

  • Bill Murphy of returns with insights into this week's FOMC rate hike decision.
  • Fed policymakers raised the overnight lending rate by a quarter point from 1% to 1.25%.
  • The current FFF contracts indicate low odds of another rate hike in 2017 and high odds for another quarter point increase next year.
  • With no further rate increase anticipated in 2017, interest in the Greenback should yield to the precious metals.
  • The guest / host agree that a spectacular rise in the PMs is imminent, in similar fashion as the Bitcoin bonanza from sub-$1,000 to $3,000.
  • Billionaire VC, Tim Draper is calling for $10,000 Bitcoin in 2018. Just as the PTB have lost control of the cryptocurrency tulip mania-like market.
  • This is due in part to the difficulty of naked short-selling the sector, gold and silver will break their shackles and ascend to new records.
  • When silver closes firmly above $21, momentum traders and hedge funds will pile into the trade, igniting an epic short-covering squeeze.
  • Gold and silver could capture FOREX market share by as much as 10-20%, resulting in a windfall increase of $1 trillion in capital gains.
  • Dr. Stephen Leeb presents a compelling case for China as the center of the global economy.
  • The Shanghi Cooperation Organization (SCO) is unifying half the disenfranchised world, over 3 billion people via 8 nations, formerly at odds
  • The net impact solidifies the goal to dominate the economies of the East / developing world, the home of 75% of global oil reserves.
  • Unfortunately, the US was not only rejected from the SCO, but cannot even act as an observer, presenting a potential strategic opportunity for US diplomacy.
  • Even if the a precious metals selloff ensues, the die is cast for a new bull market.
  • The digital monetary revolution is kicking into high gear - current estimates project 10% of the $5 trillion dollar FOREX market become digital.
  • Bitcoin will encompass one third of the $500 billion digital currency space, implying a potential market cap of $1.7 trillion, or $100,000 per Bitcoin.
  • Jim Cramer recently called for $1,000,000 per Bitcoin, as institutions / governments scramble to release their information systems from the Ransomware: WannaCry.
  • A top Silicon Valley venture capitalist and billionaire, Tim Draper is calling for $100,000 per coin.
  • Ethereum and Komodo among numerous competitors will absorb the remaining $330 billion digital currency space.
  • The resulting digital gold rush will usher in one of the hottest profit opportunities of the decade.
  • The discussion includes a pitch for a new initial crypto offering, BitSilver.
  • Dr. Leeb recommends a riveting Sci Fi trilogy from China by award winning Cixin Liu, The Three Body Problem, The Dark Forest, and Death's End.
  • Key takeaway - the catalyst that could send gold skyward: when an eastern benchmark for oil is announced as denominated in China's Yuan / Renminbi, dollar hegemony will collapse, shifting the balance of power Eastward.


Friday, June 09, 2017

Bill Murphy, David McAlvany, Chris Waltzek Ph.D & Robert Ian. - June 9, 2017

June 9, 2017
Featured Guests
Bill Murphy &
David McAlvany

Show Highlights
  • David McAlvany, CEO of the McAlvany Financial Companies, returns with his latest inspirational / motivational tome, The Intentional Legacy.
  • He outlines key insights he's gleaned via decades of guiding investors to financial success to improving one's intangible legacy.
  • By reverse-engineering our lives, David McAlvaney believes virtually everyone can attain a more fulfilling state through nurturing / fostering relationships.
  • His proposed outcome enhances the net worth of merely a solid bank account.
  • It's proposed that the exponential advance in the PMs sector in 2011 should have resulted in a parabolic climb, but the PTB intentionally capped the price.
  • Adding to the appeal of PMs investments includes, geopolitical instability among key oil producing nations and shifting allegiances in emerging nations.
  • Given that the bull market in PMs is still intact, the end game has not yet played out - prices will soar to manic heights in just 3-5 years, by 2020-2022.
  • Pundits in the gold crowd concur, John Embry recently proposed that one of the few markets not experiencing manic conditions, the PMs sector, will eventually eclipse the competing asset classes as stocks, etc. return to the mean with more pragmatic valuation levels.
  • Bill Murphy of and the host discuss the Bitcoin phenomenon and the implications to the precious metals sector.
  • As the high-flying digital currency approaches $3,000, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts and David Kranzler note how many markets are manic, except the precious metals
  • Bill Murphy cites the seemingly contrived paper short positions in the metals markets, potentially holding the yellow metal under $1,300.
  • The guest / host outline why the casino denizens may cash out their chips in search of safety in hard assets.
  • The world's largest gold producer / consumer, China is poised to consume at least 1,000 metric tons of gold this year alone, an increase of 50%.
  • The discussion includes a recently discovered treasure in the Netherlands; a fortune of Roman gold coins dating to 476 A.D.
  • The positive technical position of the PMs sector suggests an upside breakout is imminent in the coming weeks.
  • The move could potentially launch gold northward to $1,500 and silver $26 an ounce.
  • Just as the digital currency Ethereum has increased over 10 fold as Bitcoin tripled in value, silver gains could eclipse gold in the imminent advance.