Friday, June 09, 2017

Bill Murphy, David McAlvany, Chris Waltzek Ph.D & Robert Ian. - June 9, 2017

June 9, 2017
Featured Guests
Bill Murphy &
David McAlvany

Show Highlights
  • David McAlvany, CEO of the McAlvany Financial Companies, returns with his latest inspirational / motivational tome, The Intentional Legacy.
  • He outlines key insights he's gleaned via decades of guiding investors to financial success to improving one's intangible legacy.
  • By reverse-engineering our lives, David McAlvaney believes virtually everyone can attain a more fulfilling state through nurturing / fostering relationships.
  • His proposed outcome enhances the net worth of merely a solid bank account.
  • It's proposed that the exponential advance in the PMs sector in 2011 should have resulted in a parabolic climb, but the PTB intentionally capped the price.
  • Adding to the appeal of PMs investments includes, geopolitical instability among key oil producing nations and shifting allegiances in emerging nations.
  • Given that the bull market in PMs is still intact, the end game has not yet played out - prices will soar to manic heights in just 3-5 years, by 2020-2022.
  • Pundits in the gold crowd concur, John Embry recently proposed that one of the few markets not experiencing manic conditions, the PMs sector, will eventually eclipse the competing asset classes as stocks, etc. return to the mean with more pragmatic valuation levels.
  • Bill Murphy of and the host discuss the Bitcoin phenomenon and the implications to the precious metals sector.
  • As the high-flying digital currency approaches $3,000, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts and David Kranzler note how many markets are manic, except the precious metals
  • Bill Murphy cites the seemingly contrived paper short positions in the metals markets, potentially holding the yellow metal under $1,300.
  • The guest / host outline why the casino denizens may cash out their chips in search of safety in hard assets.
  • The world's largest gold producer / consumer, China is poised to consume at least 1,000 metric tons of gold this year alone, an increase of 50%.
  • The discussion includes a recently discovered treasure in the Netherlands; a fortune of Roman gold coins dating to 476 A.D.
  • The positive technical position of the PMs sector suggests an upside breakout is imminent in the coming weeks.
  • The move could potentially launch gold northward to $1,500 and silver $26 an ounce.
  • Just as the digital currency Ethereum has increased over 10 fold as Bitcoin tripled in value, silver gains could eclipse gold in the imminent advance.