Friday, June 30, 2017

Gerald Celente & Bob Hoye / Chris Waltzek Ph.D.

June 23, 2017
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Gerald Celente & Bob Hoye
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Show Highlights
  • Bob Hoye of Institutional Advisors rejoins the show with a fresh perspective on the financial markets / cryptocurrencies.
  • His proprietary indicators suggest US shares are reaching bubble territory as speculative euphoria is approaching year 2000 dot.bomb levels.
  • The host / guest discuss Bob's excellent technical chart.
  • The host views Bitcoin as a gold rush, circa the 1995 days with the next target after a correction, $10,000 per coin.
  • The guest views the current 3 fold increase in Bitcoin as the ultimate top.
  • An early Bitcoin competitor, LiteCoin blasted higher overnight, on news that investors in China / Singapore would have access to LiteCoin via CoinBase.
  • Unlike the commodities market / shares bubble, the PTB have virtually zero means to cap the crypto space via naked short-selling.
  • Cryptocurrencies could represent the greatest bubble of financial history with Bitcoin the Google-like model of a new digital revolution.
  • Head of the Trends Research Institute, Gerald Celente returns with grave concerns for the US middle class and the wealth gap.
  • Tens of millions live below the poverty line, 102 able bodied citizens are out of work while a tiny fraction own half the world's wealth.
  • Corporate takeovers oftentimes lead to large downsizing / job cuts, as management seeks to streamline operations.
  • Gerald Celente expects the trend to persist, leading to greater employment risk.
  • Thanks in no small part to Midwest fracking operations, the US is expected to eclipse Russia in gas / oil production, a in turn boosting domestic employment.
  • Record oil reserves and operating oil rigs, have put the price of WTIC under pressure - but once the glut passes, $75-$100 per barrel could unfold.
  • Due to weak domestic GDP figures, Celente and the host concur that the odds of a second rate hike this year are slim.
  • With geopolitical risks ratcheting up, e.g. war in Syria, and potentially in Iran, gold remains the ultimate safe-haven investment asset.
  • Downside risk is merely $1,100, while a solid break above $1,300-$1,400 could springboard bullion to the former bull market peak of $2,000+.
  • Adding to the positive gold story, the recent equities bonanza has diverted attention away from the thermonuclear bomb blast shelter.
  • Investors are advised to procure precious metals insurance and avoid the mainstream propaganda; MacCarthy-like, Russo-phobia.
  • Much of the recent Bitcoin price explosion is directly tied to the decision by officials in Japan to facilitate the cryptocurrency as legal tender, providing a relatively free / anonymous alternative for financial transactions.