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John Williams, Arch Crawford, Chris Waltzek Ph.D & Robert Ian. - June 2, 2017

June 2, 2017
Featured Guests
John Williams and Arch Crawford
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Show Highlights
  • Arch Crawford, head of Crawford Perspectives, outlines his take on the US equities bull market.
  • He's concerned by the lack of breadth / confirmation in the broader indexes, such as the NY composite and Wilshire 5000.
  • Dow Theory is also flashing warning signals; the new highs are actually declining according to his analysis, suggestive of potential market manipulation.
  • Arch Crawford presents key dates using cycle patterns for likely market crashes.
  • Our guest traded gold for a living in the 1970's - he's impressed by the recent golden cross, where the daily 50 period moving average moves above the 200.
  • A solid close above $1,300 gold could ignite the next stage of the PMs advance.
  • Another encouraging technical sign; the MACD trend indicator registered a buy signal two weeks ago, an important positive indication.
  • The discussion includes cryptocurrencies and the very real possibility for Bitcoin and related coins like Ethereum / Komodo, to skyrocket.
  • Alternative economist, John Williams of discusses the debt-asset based global economy.
  • Our guest agrees with the conclusions drawn by a griping article, How Debt-Asset Bubbles Implode: The Supernova Model of Financial Collapse.
  • The global economic system began its collapse in 2008 and is no longer fully solvent; a subsequent financial supernova is inevitable.
  • According to a Financial Times article, since the last Great Recession, productivity has fallen to the lowest level in over 40 years.
  • Officials can no longer mask the fact that certain sectors of the economy mirror the conditions of the Great Depression.
  • The manufacturing sector is experiencing the longest period of non-expansion since numbers were first tallied nearly one century earlier.
  • Just over 3 years ago, the Venezuelan Bolivar was the premier currency of South America, near parity with the US Greenback.
  • Today it requires merely 1 dollar to procure 6,000 Bolivars - over the same period gold skyrocketed in terms of Bolivars.
  • The net impact is widespread starvation, looting and civil war, potentially a foreshadowing of things to come in the US.
  • At first, Fed policymakers will likely expand monetary stimulus via QE4, but such stimulus comes with the Achilles heel of exponentially decreasing returns.
  • The huge international capital-inflows currently propping up US equities via the US dollar, will reverse course posthaste.
  • Ultimately, the economic supernova will ignite via galloping inflation, next hyperinflation, sending the cost of goods and services soaring.
  • As the US dollar plunges to new lows, it will trigger the tipping point of the economic chaotic-system.
  • According to a Zero Hedge article last week, the dollar and Bitcoin are overbought relative to gold which is relatively underpriced.