Friday, August 25, 2017

Arch Crawford, Bob Hoye & Q&A


Show Highlights
  • Arch Crawford, head of Crawford Perspectives, wraps up a discussion on Fox News with Neil Cavuto to shed some light on the total solar eclipse.
  • Our guest notes the potential implications for the financial markets.
  • Arch finds scientific basis for much of the stress on society - tidal forces and solar flux impact the Northern Hemisphere at peak levels during the eclipse.
  • The intense ionization in the upper atmosphere, potentially impacts investor behavior.
  • The US equities correction could persist into Sept. / Oct., resulting in 8% drawdowns.
  • The gold market could stage a powerful advance - two consecutive daily closes above $1,300 is all that's required to make a gold bull out of Arch Crawford.
  • His gold forecast after that level is past, "The sky is the limit."
  • The discussion swerves into the cryptocurrency domain - the primary Bitcoin alternative, Ethereum (ETH) gained about 20% topping $350 this week.
  • Investors anticipate profit potential stemming from the impending hard fork, similar to the recent Bitcoin split into Bitcoin Cash.
  • The first caller is concerned by the PMs market manipulation narrative.
  • Clearly, investment banks continue to pay huge retributions for gold / silver bullion rigging allegations, according to
  • According to official tallies, central banks regularly dump hundreds of tons of gold bullion on the open market, essentially suppressing prices.
  • The current Radio outlook on the PMs sector - gold and silver are gearing up for explosive moves higher.
  • The smart money recognizes the appealing valuation of gold / silver relative to overpriced asset classes, such as US equities / bonds.
  • A caller is concerned over the sound quality of recent shows.
  • The new location includes a studio quality phone line.
    • Bob Hoye of Institutional Advisors rejoins the show with an in depth discussion on the financial markets and the Bitcoin (BTC) revolution.
    • Since his last visit, BTC has more than doubled soaring from under $2,000 to over $4,500 and the crypto market cap has topped $145 billion.
    • Bob suggests the current price could be nearing an ultimate top.
    • The host presents a competing scenario with the help of the work of a top Elliott Wave technician in London.
    • The analyst expects BTC to correct to $3,650 before staging a run to $5,000.
    • The host is convinced that BTC is en route to $10,000 and then $50,000 over the next several years.
    • The cryptocurrency domain is poised to rival the world's largest market, the $5 trillion FOREX.
    • Archaic rules are holding back BTC investment, the currency of the future, putting millions of American's at risk of opportunity costs.
    • All 7 billion global inhabitants, plus semiconscious machines / computers, have access to a virtual checking accounts, via public library computers.
    • Key takeaway - people are reclaiming their economic / political freedoms from the elite.
    • His work indicates that high-end residential housing may have peaked along with most bond markets. Plus, the gold market is expected to benefit from slowing momentum in US equities, as investors convert paper profits into tangible precious metals assets.