Friday, September 01, 2017

Louis Navellier, John Williams & Lloyd Huang

Sept. 1st, 2017
Featured Guests
Louis Navellier, John Williams & Lloyd Huang

Show Highlights
  • Louis Navellier of Navellier & Associates discusses his top portfolio candidates.
  • According to our guest, "Anytime the 10 year treasury yield approaches the S&P dividend yield..." the event presents a serious buying opportunity in stocks.
  • Four factors could lead share prices higher - traditional Labor Day buying. September window dressing, mid-October earnings reports and buying in
  • November ahead of the holiday / January effect.
  • A few of our guests favorite stocks include tech giants Nvidia (NVDA); Applied Materials (AMAT).
  • Shares profiting from a weaker dollar include Ferrari (RACE).
  • Navellier & Associates are monitoring the trade deficit - if the deficit continues to narrow, it could result in a 3% GDP growth rate.
  • The recent geopolitical issues with N.K. have boosted demand for the yellow metal.
  • Louis Navellier advocates allocating a 6-8% core position in gold as the ideal portfolio balancing investment.
  • Alternative economist, John Williams of discusses the increase in volatility in the gold market.
  • Our guest discounts the hawkish talk of policymakers, suggesting that the Fed could unleash a new round of quantitative easing (QE).
  • The odds of a lower balance sheet are overstated amid increasing domestic / geopolitical tensions sending the gold price, skyward.
  • The discussion steers to Hurricane Harvey in Houston, a similarly devastating storm as Katrina, which struck the Gulf 12 years ago to the day.
  • Officials fear rains will continue to pommel the Houston area as Harvey steers towards New Orleans (figure 1.1.).
  • The economic ramifications could extend for years to come.
  • John Williams expects housing to decline while the host notes the healthy, 45 degree ascent in the new housing starts index.
  • may soon have viable competition from the new partnership between Google / Wal-mart.
  • The interview concludes with an engaging discussion on the Bitcoin / crypto markets - the market cap continues to soar.
  • The question is raised: How do nearly endless supplies of fiat currencies survive following the introduction of Bitcoin, a limited / instantaneous digital money?
    SmartRE CEO / Cofounder Lloyd Huang makes his debut appearance on Radio after an interesting online interview.
  • Lloyd Huang is an electrical engineer who facilitated an $8 billion semiconductor company Semiconductor Manufacturing Int. Inc, (SMI) an NYSE IPO.
  • Similar to a reverse mortgage, SmartRE (pronounced smarter) allows homeowners to access their home equity without going into debt.
  • Homeowners access equity without increased interest sensitivity, in essence a decentralized reverse mortgage.
  • Investors with as little as $1 can benefit from increases in home prices.
  • Lloyd Huang makes a compelling case for a recession-proof business model.
  • Clients have at least 51% equity accumulated in their homes, considerable skin in the game.