Friday, September 22, 2017

President Chris Blasi & Andy Schectman

Sept. 22, 2017
Featured Guests
President Chris Blasi & Andy Schectman
Guest order by seniority

Show Highlights
  • Chris Blasi, President of Neptune Global LLC makes his show debut.
  • In 2001 the precious metals sector entered a new secular bull market that could extend 20-25 years, unlike the decade long bull of the 1970's.
  • Via 1-2-3 wave analysis, the first wave completed in 2012 resulting in the 2nd cyclical-bear wave, paving the path for the 3rd most forceful bull advance.
  • Unlike the 1970's, economic conditions have deteriorated markedly with national debt recently topping $20 trillion.
  • The confluence of serious socioeconomic issues vastly increases the likelihood of stress on the domestic system, improving the odds of PMs profits.
  • The guest / host concur that PMs investments represent the ideal panacea to survive and thrive the imminent financial cataclysm.
  • Chris Blasi questions the soundness of national pension funds - investors are advised to make financial preparations, independent of entitlement programs.
  • His PMC ounce system is a precious metals diversified-portfolio that lessons volatility via weighted positions in silver, gold, platinum and palladium.
  • The blockchain revolution will continue to disrupt via decentralization, creating entirely unique industries by eliminating wasteful processes.
  • One particularly appealing aspect of the cryptocurrency market, the PTB find it challenging to manipulate the triple entry accounting system.
  • The duo caution investors over the notion of Bitcoin as digital gold.
  • Bitcoin represents the digital evolution of fiat money, constraining supply while returning monetary control to "We the people."
  • Andy Schectman of Miles Franklin Institute (28 year old firm with $6 billion in sales) rejoins the show.
  • He outlines ways to avoid the hurdles of purchasing / storing PMs.
  • His firm requires mandatory background checks and a large surety bond to protect clients from potential counterparty risk.
  • The Miles Franklin storage program involves Canadian Brinks security, without percentage of value fees, which shields clients from large price increases.
  • They offer a fully insured Brinks safety-deposit box in Vancouver and Toronto - clients hold the only key / spare with 24/7 access.
  • FedEx air delivery is also available (
  • For extra security, Miles Franklin employees the same auditing firm as the StreetTracks GLD ETF.
  • While disseminating negative comments on silver, JP Morgan has accumulated more than 4 times the silver stockpile of the Hunt Brother's silver corner.
  • Commercial banks like Citibank and related firms have accumulated enormous hordes of gold, while US mint sales decline to record lows.
  • Key takeaway - the smart money continues to accumulate gold and silver, including China, Russia, most central banks and leading investment banks.
  • Andy Schectman has identified a potentially profitable market anomaly.
  • He makes a generous offer to swap gold bullion for BU Walking Liberties, a rare opportunity to stack ounces and numismatics, simultaneously.
  • Please call his brokers or Andy directly (brokers direct line 1-800-822-8080; Andy's mobile 1-612-290-2729).
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