Saturday, October 21, 2017

Peter Grandich, Harry S. Dent Jr. & CTO Gab Rigo

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Show Highlights
  • Our featured guest plans to fulfill the dream of every investor to run their own decentralized hedge fund.
  • Head of RigoBlock, CTO Gab Rigo makes his show debut, outlining his plan to facilitate every investor to achieve hedge fund-like success.
  • RigoBlock provides a personalized hedge fund without the need for tedious / costly procedures and requirements.
  • Rigo Block disrupts traditional management / performance fees hedge fund fee structure via a token incentive structure.
  • The upcoming RigoBlock crowdsale is highlighted by Smith - Crown, a solid analytics firm.
  • Crowdsale involve extreme volatility - it may be advisable to wait until price volatility stops after an crowdsale before considering a position.
  • Their proof-of-performance (PoP) concept seems sound, somewhat similar to the proof-of-work (PoW) of Komodo KMD.
  • The Rigo token will be mine-able, using economies of scale to allow small investors with limited Ethereum (ETH) to mine the tokens via pools. RigoBlock Paper in .PDF format.
  • At ground zero in Puerto Rico Harry S. Dent Jr. offers first hand perspective on the plight of 3.4 million struggling in the wake of Maria.
  • Harry Dent recalls a harrowing 15 hour ordeal amid Hurricane Maria as he waited out the storm in his condo.
  • sent a small power inverter to facilitate laptop / mobile usage.
  • Listener's are asked to send care packages to PR.
  • offers free shipping to the island for Prime members. Dried foods, MREs, canned items, batteries and small rechargeable solar items.
  • Our guest views the US equities indexes as a financial bubble looking for an opportunity to implode.
  • The market could correct in similar fashion as in 1987 or the 40% tech crash of 2000; investors may have little warning if any to exit.
  • Harry S. Dent Jr. expects gold to shine brightly as the investment du jour.
  • Bitcoin wallets represent free checking accounts with near zero fees, overdraft charges or chargebacks; a decentralized and ideal monetary system.
  • Even a cheap smartphone can provide free internet service without any fees at a local WIFI establishment, such as a coffee shop.
  • Billions of global inhabitants now have access to free banking, an instant checking / savings / investment account, and income opportunities.
  • Tedious and burdensome records / assets are migrating to the blockchain domain, including insurance contracts, home / auto / boat titles, gold, silver.
  • Bitcoin and altcoin offer a universe of employment opportunities for blockchain aficionado / entrepreneurs.
  • As US equities continue to break 120 year records, Peter Grandich of Peter Grandich and Company outlines the reasons for his short position
  • Peter offers his book, FREE to Goldseek listeners / readers - book testimonials are found at this link.
  • Record debt levels, entitlement programs, crumbling domestic infrastructure, social / political division and unfunded pensions make US shares precarious.
  • The discussion includes the push for monetary independence for the masses by champion silver coinage, Hugo Salinas Price.
  • The duo conjecture if US officials could will learn from the event, by circulating a new batch of silver dimes, quarters and half dollars, with higher face values.
  • Peak gold and supply constraints could prove to be the key impetus sending the metals skyward.
  • The most recent CPI figure jumped above 2% to 2.2%, indicating greater odds of higher prices / inflation, which tends to coincide with stronger PMs prices.
  • Peter Grandich offers key investment portfolio insights.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Peter Schiff & Bill Murphy

Oct. 13, 2017
Featured Guests

Show Highlights
  • Bill Murphy of returns with bullish commentary on Bitcoin and the precious metals sector.
  • The discussion includes today's break above $5,200 Bitcoin - some top analysts are calling for $7,000, while Clif High makes a plausible case for $13,000 BTC.
  • The PTB cannot find a way to contain the viral Bitcoin / Blockchain epidemic, as they have the PMs markets via paper money schemes.
  • Once the cryptospace is dominated by the big institutions, interest will return to gold and silver in a big way.
  • Just as Ethereum is arguably silver to the Bitcoin gold, silver has great potential to leap suddenly to triple digits, following the lead of Ethereum.
  • The host speculates that the tipping point could unfold as gold / silver assets migrate to the blockchain domain, such as the upcoming OneGram ICO.

Friday, October 06, 2017

James Rickards & Bob Hoye

  • James Rickards makes his show debut, author of The New Case for Gold, the private placement, MERAGLIM and the James Rickards Project.
  • As a key negotiator in the 1998 LTCM bailout and advisor to the DoD / CIA / Los Alamos, James Rickards outlines sophisticated analytical models.
  • Bayes' Theorem, a conditional analysis method facilitates forecasting the tipping point / phase transition of highly complex systems.
  • The global financial system nearly imploded in 1998, then again in 2008; his models suggest that by 2018 a new financial fiasco could materialize.
  • The US Fed increased the balance sheet from $800 billion to $4 trillion since 2009 while holding rates near zero for 6 years without normalizing.
  • The operations exposed the world's most important CB vulnerable to a new economic meltdown.
  • Once the inevitable implosion begins in earnest, our guest expects the IMF, the lender of last resort to distribute its own currency, SDRs.
  • Similar to Kurt Vonnegut's epic SciFi novel, Cat's Cradle (free PDF) our guest draws parallels between Ice-9 and the global economic system.
  • The global economy could suddenly freeze up, with startling implications for all 7 billion inhabitants.
  • The seasoned lawyer confirms the suspicions of many, including, inadequate bullion exists to support the 1:100 gold to paper contracts.
  • James Rickards echoes the thoughts of several guests, supporting the solid case for $10,000 gold and perhaps much higher.
  • Policymakers who believe the gold at Fort Knox / West Point / NY Fed is sufficient to sustain the economy are mistaken.
  • The stockpile is likely leveraged 10:1 or even 100:1, leaving the US Treasury vulnerable to bankruptcy.
  • China has plans to eclipse our national gold reserves via the purchase of 3,000 tons of gold in the next 2 years, $130 billion, at the current price level.
  • Key takeaway: it is advisable to procure precious metals and related shares at current levels.
  • James Rickards presents an overview of his Meragrim private placement that uses the cutting edge AI from IBM's Watson to predict / forecast essential outcomes in the geopolitical arena (figure 1.1).
  • Bob Hoye of Institutional Advisors rejoins the show with an update on the Bitcoin phenomenon.
  • For the first time in economic history, the masses have a chance to grab the reigns of the money supply, central banks are no longer required.
  • While institutions such as JP Morgan spread negative rhetoric on the cryptocurrencies, many continue to secretly accumulate vast stockpiles.
  • Elliott wave analysis suggests that Bitcoin (BTC) should retrace from the recent $5,000 peak to at least $2,600.
  • Still, the BTC rocketship could continue unabated skyward to $10,000.
  • The PTB will continue to struggle against cryptos as their system unravels at an increasing pace.
  • The Greenback is now jeopardized by the introduction of a gold backed petrol contract in China.
  • The petrol-dollar arrangement of 1974 must now compete in the East with a petrol-gold-Yuan alternative.
  • Financial bubbles are now the new norm, including junk bonds, US equities, domestic real estate in Canada and even some cryptocurrencies.
  • A few legendary technophiles, such as John McAfee and are suggesting that Bitcoin could climb to a peak of at least $500,000.
  • The S&P has eclipsed year 2000 bubble levels by many metrics, including P/E ratios and Bob Hoye's top indicators.
  • The credit spread and yield curve remain positive, so equities could continue to surprise on the upside, but the risk offers a meager expected return.