Friday, November 24, 2017

Peter Grandich & Andy Schectman

Show Highlights
  • Happy Thanksgiving holiday to USA listeners!
  • Peter Grandich of Peter Grandich and Company outlines a compelling case for a bubble in US shares.
  • Unlike past market peaks, few investors may have time to recognize /react to the hypothetical collapse.
  • The once in a generation top could restore the reputation of PMs as the de facto must-own asset class.
  • After gold eclipses the $1,375 threshold, a new bull market could propel the yellow metal to a new record.
  • The host shares the opinion of Silver Whistleblower, Andrew Maguire.
  • The Bitcoin / crypto domain appears to be paving the highway and constructing the infrastructure for PMs.
  • Gold and silver can thank crypto investors / developers / miners in part, for Bitcoin-like price altitudes.
  • Cryptos are disruptive to fiat money, the actual bubble, such as related shares, bonds and housing.
  • As fiat money loses its pervasive hegemony over global society, PMs will emerge as de facto money.
  • The PMs blockchain will enhance transparency, completing the impressive work of Bitcoin aficionados.
  • Andy Schectman of Miles Franklin Institute outlines must hear methods for purchasing and storing PMs.
  • Our guest has identified a golden opportunity to profit market anomalies.
  • The gold / silver ratio of 70:1 suggests the accumulation of silver positions.
  • Similar opportunities appear with platinum.
  • A rare, once in two decades opportunity is presenting itself in the numismatics market.
  • Rare gold coins are selling at nearly 1:1 or the same price as plain bullion coins of similar gold weight.
  • Miles Franklin is currently positioning client accounts to maximize the benefits of this anomaly.
  • Protecting client's best interests is the primary directive at Miles Franklin.
  • His firm requires mandatory background checks and a large surety bond to better protect clients.
  • The Miles Franklin storage program involves Canadian Brinks security, without percentage of value fees.
  • They offer a fully insured Brinks safety-deposit box in Vancouver and Toronto.
  • Clients hold the only key / spare with 24/7 access.
  • FedEx air delivery is also available (
  • Miles Franklin employees the same auditing firm as the StreetTracks GLD ETF.
  • Please call his brokers or Andy directly (brokers direct line 1-800-822-8080; Andy's mobile 1-612-290-2729).

Friday, November 17, 2017

John Williams & Louis Navellier

Show Highlights
  • Alternative economist, John Williams of sees economic Armageddon on the horizon.
  • Over $100 trillion in US obligations make maintaining the national debt, impossible.
  • The actual inflation rate that most people experience is much higher than the official figure, which boosts revenues by hundreds of billions of dollars.
  • Despite protests to the contrary, the real unemployment rate remains stubbornly elevated (Figure 1.1.).
  • Our guest rejects the notion of domestic economic recovery - he expects quantitative easing (QE) to resume with gusto, leading to runaway inflation and elevated gold prices.
  • John Williams anticipates dollar selling and weaker economic conditions to send US share indexes lower in 2018.
  • Louis Navellier of Navellier & Associates says investors should ignore the naysayers, US equities will rally into the holiday season.
  • Investors cannot shake their insatiable appetite for equities dividend payments, creating a self-fulfilling prophecy of ever higher prices.
  • The flattening yield curve suggests that the upcoming FOMC quarter point rate hike slated for December, will likely be the last of the cycle.
  • Given the host's forecast of 24,000 by 2018 and Louis Navellier's growth estimate of 11%; upgrades are examined via the Navellier Rating Service.
  • Companies reviewed include Insurance company Aflac, Prudential (PUK), Bristol Myers (BMY) and Phillips 66 (PSX) as solid dividend paying candidates, and China's Twitter company Weibo (WB) (figure 1.1.).
  • Louis Navellier advises each portfolio hold at least 4-8% gold as a ballast to right the portfolio amid tepid financial conditions.
  • Our guest is concerned that extensive use of robotic trading on Wall Street could lead to another 2015-style flash crash.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Gerald Celente, John Scurci & Listener's Q&A Nov. 10th, 2017

Show Highlights
  • John Scurci, head of Corona Associates Capital Management, outlines his analysis of the cryptocurrency phenomenon.
  • "Blockchain is here to stay and is truly innovative... only 4% of BTC owners control 90% of the market cap."
  • Merely 21 million BTC will ever exist, millions have evaporated or were lost on discarded hard drives, lost pass codes and "dust."
  • 100% of all BTC will be mined by 2040.
  • When juxtaposed with the global reserve currency, BTC has obvious appeal.
  • Segwit2X (B2X) was canceled Wednesday night, reportedly due to lack of consensus among the developers.
  • The market response was abrupt and dramatic; BTC launched to within earshot of $8,000 per coin, only to settle back to the previous days lows. .
  • For early BTC entrants who 10x'ed their initial investment, locking in some profits to purchase discounted PM may be advisable.
  • The duo concur, the PMs sector is under-owned and underpriced.
  • A recent article illustrated gold's intrinsic value when adjusted appropriately for real inflation, approaches $15,000.
  • John Scurci relays a humorous moniker for the yellow metal, calling "Gold... the un-bubble asset."
  • Gold remains the reserve asset of choice for central banks, the engineers of monetary policy, which improves the appeal of owning gold / BTC immensely.
  • Gold / BTC ownership is comparable to owning a mini central bank.
  • While fiat money is debt based, gold / BTC have zero entanglements or liens, representing truly sound money.
  • The discussion steers to the M1 Money Supply figure against the S&P 500.
  • A clear correlation to monetary expansion and soaring US equities prices emerges within the St. Louis Fed's graph (figure 1.1.).
  • Head of the Trends Research Institute, Gerald Celente shares the hosts' enthusiasm for Bitcoin and related Altcoins.
  • The blockchain revolution presents a key portfolio candidate for investors with a long-term focus.
  • He outlines his personal Altcoin portfolio.
  • Cryptocoins could be viewed as a safe harbor asset amid economic / financial turmoil, similar to the PMs.
  • The duo concur; investors are encouraged to dollar cost average into the cryptocurrencies and PMs over months / years, instead timing the market.
  • It may be advisable to adhere to the established names in the field when building a diversified crypto portfolio.
  • The lead developers / venture capitalists gravitate to the key projects.
  • A hypothetical portfolio follows.
  • The host identified a significant statistical correlation that suggests one method to hedge BTC profits.
  • The UUP ETF shares a -.89 correlation with BTC – a small LEAPS option position requires further analysis (figure 1.1.).

Friday, November 03, 2017

CMT Ralph Acampora, Bill Murphy, Chris Waltzek Ph.D. & Robert Ian - Nov. 3rd, 2017,

Show Highlights
    • Top Wall Street Chartered Technical Analyst (CTA), Ralph Acampora of Altaira Wealth Management, revered as "The Godfather of Technical Analysis," returns.
    • Listeners / readers are encouraged to sign up for to his free Twitter account with and active subscriber base of 26,000+.
    • The Dow Jones Industrials continues to barrel towards 24,000 as predicted by his technical analysis.
    • Although still bullish on America and US equities, several sectors have advanced to parabolic like levels; chasing shares higher may be inadvisable.
    • Our guest makes positive comments on the utilities sector, which continues to post record highs while offering a solid dividend yield.
    • Ralph Acampora outlines his favorite investing tools in the arsenal, including MACD, RSI and most importantly, trends.
    • Identifying the price bias or trend oftentimes proves more challenging than expected, as it's easier to recognize in the rear view mirror.
    • Our guest's preferred trend identification method, which facilitated the recognition of the most celebrated trend in American financial history (figure 1.1.).
    • For 20 years, Bill Murphy and Chris Powell of have lead the crusade for transparency with the gold cartel.
    • A few months earlier, Bitcoin enthusiasts were stunned / elated to find the digital currency was at parity, with gold $1,250.
    • Today, Bitcoin is over 5 times the price of gold due in part to the CME's plans to list Bitcoin futures contracts by year end!
    • BTC is poised to compete head to head as a global reserve currency, potentially usurping at least 100 years of draconian financial regulations and legislation.
    • In a potentially ironic twist, the much maligned Bitcoin may be paving the highways and building the bridges to parabolic gains in PM.
    • Bit-coin of levity for enthusiasts follows.

Arch Crawford & Bob Hoye

Guest order - alphabetical

Show Highlights
  • Arch Crawford, head of Crawford Perspectives, discusses the worst natural disaster in California history, the 2017 firestorm.
  • The host proposes that 40 lives and 8,000 structures might have been spared if clay / terra cotta roofing panels were required by state building codes.
  • The onus of most of the fires stemmed from smoldering embers spread by the 40 mph gusts to adjacent roofs, where highly flammable tar tiles quickly ignited.
  • Californian officials are URGED to implement a statewide roofing upgrade.
  • Using tax credits and incentives, clay tile roofs would protect against future firestorms.
  • The show dialogue turns to the Bitcoin miracle; much of the recent strength is arguably due to accumulation ahead of the upcoming Segwit2x Hard-Fork.
  • The event is slated for mid-November; hard forks represent a token dividend.
  • While detractors cite the extreme volatility of Bitcoin, the host refutes the argument.
  • The king of cryptos differentiates itself in many ways from traditional currencies, including divisibility down to .00000001, as well as a nearly instantaneous transaction rate, essentially eliminating most of the volatility issues.
  • Bob Hoye of Institutional Advisors rejoins the show with Part II on the Bitcoin phenomenon.
  • According to the mythical founder of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, in Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System (2008), trust in financial transactions was hijacked by the financial intermediaries.
  • The solution emerged from the elimination of the blockchain signature / hashing system.
  • A simple way to view Bitcoin is a CPU powered network where each node votes via CPU power to verify its block in the block chain.
  • Antonopolous estimates that not even the computing power / financial resources of an entire superpower could falsify a single transaction.
  • Antonopolous' defense of Bitcoin / Block chain is arguable comparable to the Constitutional Convention of 1776 (figure 1.1.).
  • Although an unpopular view, the host confirms the notion that Bitcoin = Digital Gold, or a close facsimile.
  • For the first time in 50 years of digital commerce an identical contract or Bitcoin has a unique signature, emulating the gold content of a coin.
  • In true Talebian fashion, the Bitcoin network is de facto anti-fragile, i.e., similar to the internet / email, if one node or several fail, the network is safe.
  • Based loosely on Metcalfe's Law governing any digital network, a unique Bitcoin valuation model emerges.
  • The square of the number of users of ANY network times the average transaction rate over the total users.
  • Given the 4.2 million users, figure is squared it and multiplied by the daily average transaction per block and voila, near the current price.
  • To identify a forecast, apply Google's Trend analysis to anticipate the new number of Bitcoin Users, which reveals that the number doubles every year.
  • A basic BTC valuation model results in a 1$ million Bitcoin price in 7 years.