Friday, November 03, 2017

CMT Ralph Acampora, Bill Murphy, Chris Waltzek Ph.D. & Robert Ian - Nov. 3rd, 2017,

Show Highlights
    • Top Wall Street Chartered Technical Analyst (CTA), Ralph Acampora of Altaira Wealth Management, revered as "The Godfather of Technical Analysis," returns.
    • Listeners / readers are encouraged to sign up for to his free Twitter account with and active subscriber base of 26,000+.
    • The Dow Jones Industrials continues to barrel towards 24,000 as predicted by his technical analysis.
    • Although still bullish on America and US equities, several sectors have advanced to parabolic like levels; chasing shares higher may be inadvisable.
    • Our guest makes positive comments on the utilities sector, which continues to post record highs while offering a solid dividend yield.
    • Ralph Acampora outlines his favorite investing tools in the arsenal, including MACD, RSI and most importantly, trends.
    • Identifying the price bias or trend oftentimes proves more challenging than expected, as it's easier to recognize in the rear view mirror.
    • Our guest's preferred trend identification method, which facilitated the recognition of the most celebrated trend in American financial history (figure 1.1.).
    • For 20 years, Bill Murphy and Chris Powell of have lead the crusade for transparency with the gold cartel.
    • A few months earlier, Bitcoin enthusiasts were stunned / elated to find the digital currency was at parity, with gold $1,250.
    • Today, Bitcoin is over 5 times the price of gold due in part to the CME's plans to list Bitcoin futures contracts by year end!
    • BTC is poised to compete head to head as a global reserve currency, potentially usurping at least 100 years of draconian financial regulations and legislation.
    • In a potentially ironic twist, the much maligned Bitcoin may be paving the highways and building the bridges to parabolic gains in PM.
    • Bit-coin of levity for enthusiasts follows.