Friday, January 05, 2018

David Morgan, Bix Weir, Chris Waltzek Ph.D. & Robert Ian - Jan. 5, Chris Waltzek-©2005-2018. A Spina-Waltzek Production-©2005-2018 Royalty free music from Google Play.

Show Highlights
  • Bix Weir of RoadtoRoot-A returns with comments on cryptocurrencies and silver.
  • Max Keiser of the Keiser Report on RT expects a global Central Bank to break ranks this year and plow billions in depreciating fiat money into Bitcoin and related Altcoins.
  • Gold could soon be retro-Bitcoin, as young investors use a mere Bitcoin dime to procure over one ounce of the yellow metal, similar to the vinyl LP record, hobby.
  • The mythical Satoshi Nakamoto resolved two of the greatest issues in computational / economic epistemology, by solving the transaction trust issue algorithmically.
  • The 500 hundred year old need for 3rd party accounting, i.e., banks / financial institutions has ended, essentially relegating traditional banking to history.
  • No longer must any transaction rely on potentially usurious institutions to verify / secure an arrangement, such as banking, trading, insurance, real estate, PMs.
  • Instead, peer-to-peer activities facilitate any conceivable value metric, theoretically migrating assets to the blockchain environment.
  • One less anticipated benefit of blockchain transparency, PMs manipulation will soon come to a screeching halt, as exchanges will be forced to reveal the excessive naked-short positions.
  • Once the extent of the obfuscation is exposed, an eruption is anticipated in all commodities, particularly in the silver market, which could reach parity with the price of gold.
  • Reggie Middleton is an American entrepreneur and the founder of Veritaseum, his operations include increasing financial market transparency.
  • Decentralization makes every global inhabitant anonymous.
  • EtherDelta facilitates the Nano S wallet and a laptop or iPhone / Android, most tokens can be bought or sold, anonymously and without a centralized exchange, via peer-to-peer.
  • Once the transaction is recorded on the Ethereum blockchain, the USB Nano S device can be removed and placed in a safe location, making the holder a bank, market maker, financial exchange market, brokerage and virtually an anonymous investor.
  • Head of The Morgan Report, David Morgan rejoins the show with comments on Bitcoin, Altcoins and the PMs sector.
  • Contrary to the mainstream opinion, BTC and Altcoins are here to stay; digital currency represents a decentralized alternative to antiquated fiat money.
  • While the uninitiated complain about the energy consumption of BTC mining, the cognoscente understand that the hashing power is a key aspect of BTC's consensus based security.
  • A top former pension fund / endowment fund manager, Ari David Paul, noted in a CNBC interview why he made a $1 Million bet on Bitcoin call options (Ledger X).
  • Given the 20x climb in BTC in 2017, BTC behaves as an option, so BTC calls offer vastly reduced risk exposure should the price reverse, while still benefiting from the same upside.
  • Ari Paul expects endowment / pension funds to begin entering the BTC / Altcoin market in 2018, culminating with explosive upward price momentum of $50,000-$150,000 BTC.
  • Arguably, the most important aspect of the crypto phenomenon is the return of affluence to the disenfranchised.
  • Marginalized groups were early adopters, finding great utility, hope and promise in decentralization / disruption of the status quo, mirroring earlier the paradigm shifts.
  • On the topic of internet security, the host suggests using only the Chrome web browser and installing the Gauth, Google Authenticator app.
  • The Vice Channel hosts an insightful program, Cyhberwar, that covers internet / digital security in detail.
  • Due to the intrepid entrepreneurs / developers / coders behind the blockchain revolution, for the first time since sea shells and stone wheels were used as money, 7 billion global inhabitants have the opportunity to regain control of the entire financial system.

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