Friday, March 09, 2018

Ralph Acampora & Arch Crawford & chris Waltzek PhD

March 2nd, 2018
Featured Guests
Ralph Acampora & Arch Crawford

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Show Highlights
  • Top Wall Street Chartered Technical Analyst (CTA), Ralph Acampora of Altaira Wealth Management, revered as "A Professor of Technical Analysis," returns.
  • Investors grew complacent amid arguably the greatest stock bull market in history, illustrated by few if any typical reactions.
  • Our guest advises investors to ignore the recent uptick in volatility - US shares are fairly priced and likely to set records in 2018.
  • Although less than half of hedge fund managers have 5 years of market experience, suggesting that few money managers experienced the serious bear market in US equities.
  • Ralph Acampora discounts the threat of a 20-30% decline in US shares. Our guest also pooh-poohs the risk of interest rate hikes.
  • Not until rates climb to 5% should analysts sound the alarm. According to one media report, the 30 year US Treasury actually outperformed US shares just slightly.
  • The US bond market could experience a profound reaction as soon as 2018 due to expected FED rate hikes.
  • The recent tariffs on US trading partners may not pose a major threat to share prices.
  • Ralph Acampora notes the encouraging price action in the long-term charts of Micron (MU) and Intel (INTC), the host adds GPU manufacturer Nvidia (NVDA).
  • Listeners / readers are encouraged to sign up for to his free Twitter account with and active subscriber base of 26,000+.
  • Arch Crawford, head of Crawford Perspectives, outlines his technical vantage point on Bitcoin, US shares, gold, silver and related indexes.
  • Due in large part to the ominous technical condition of the US Greenback, our guest expects the world's reserve currency to continue to decline.
  • The market could be entering free fall amid an ominous inverse golden cross, where the shorter term 50 week MA crosses below the longer 200 week MA.
  • Consequently, gold, silver, Bitcoin, Altcoins, cryptos, commodities, WTIC and related shares should enter a profitable bull market.
  • According to the Keiser report, JP Morgan has accumulated approximately 140 million ounces of silver.
  • The Keiser report suggests that the investment bank is hoarding silver in anticipation of an epic price advance.
  • Russia's new national silver stockpile of 70 pounds silver bars, stacked in enormous piles amounts to perhaps $70 million in value (figure 1.1.).
  • With the gold to silver ratio extended to extremes, nearing an all-time record of 80:1, one gold coin purchases nearly a 100 oz silver bar.
  • The stat. suggests fire-sale AG prices. Case in point, silver could climb from $17 to $70 for lucky silver lottery ticket holders.
  • The current Bitcoin prediction implies a run to $40,000, via Fibonacci projection, assuming that the $5,700-$8,000 support level holds over the coming months, which interesting coincides perfectly with top crypto investor, Mike Novogratz's 2018 Bitcoin target (figure 1.1.).

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