Friday, June 01, 2018

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Show Highlights
  • Dr. Paul Craig Roberts from the Institute for Political Economy, author of several best-selling tomes, rejoins the show with solid news for PMs aficionados.
  • The discussion begins with the new global trade War; although the US has suffered the loss of 500,000 manufacturing jobs per year for over a decade.
  • The proposed cure to heal the economic patient (trade tariffs) may be more detrimental than the disease.
  • The US will deploy aluminum tariffs with Mexico and Canada as soon as this Friday, noted one report.
  • Our guest views tariffs on such manufacturing inputs as counterproductive.
  • "Globalism and neo-liberal economics, have essentially destroyed the national manufacturing base... and ruined the country."
  • While true "free trade" benefits all nations involved, the trouble stems from "absolute trade," which benefits one nation over the other trade partner.
  • Policymakers allowed the most productive domestic manufacturing cities to lose their key plants / facilities, decimating their key competitive edge.
  • The same malevolent processes are taking place in Italy, France, U.K. and Germany, injuring the classes for the economic benefit of the upper 1%.
  • He views the gold and silver safe havens as the only viable shelters from an impending economic maelstrom of epic proportions.
  • Arch Crawford, head of Crawford Perspectives for 41 consecutive years, outlines his technical perspective on US shares, gold, silver indexes.
  • Market volatility could explode next month; his work indicates June 6th through June 14th could be a difficult time in markets for traders / investors.
  • The current period is the longest consolidation without a new high in years, suggesting waning momentum in US share prices.
  • Uncertainty tends to be good for safe haven investments - Arch says he's "... a buyer of the metals (precious metals), as well as Bitcoin and any solid hedge."
  • The host notes, Financial money flows (WSJ) continue to favor financial stocks, a positive sign for the overall markets, as financial shares tend to lead the averages higher.

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