Friday, June 08, 2018

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June 8th, 2018
Featured Guests
Martin Armstrong
& Chris Martenson Ph.D.

  • Chris Martenson from, author of Prosper! says the global macroeconomic outlook is dire.
  • Given the downturn in the long-running credit cycle, considerable QE efforts will be required via CB monetary policy to maintain the status quo.
  • CB, QE operations oftentimes result in unexpected consequences, in particular, runaway inflation, which bodes well for precious metals investors.
  • Investors must search for "real, tangible wealth," and no asset class better fulfills this characteristic than gold and related shares.
  • Gold performs best as a hedge against monetary / currency crises and distrust of policymaker decisions.
  • Despite that fact that silver currently sells for less than the production cost and silver's history as a monetary metal and inelastic supply / demand.
  • The precious metal remains a leverage play on gold with the benefit of its industrial appeal.
  • Semiprecious metals are also of interest, including nickel and indium, as tangle assets become rarer and more difficult to mine.
  • The show wraps with a brief discussion on the benefits of intermittent fasting and hourly exercise breaks.
  • Intermittent fasting has been statistically proven to boost calorie consumption / metabolic rate by up to 10%-14% without any exercise or medicine required.
  • The AMA recommends walking briskly every hour for at least 2-3 minutes to reduce the symptoms of pre-diabetes and Type II diabetes, promote healthy cardiological function, reduce arterial sclerosis and enhance quality of life.
  • Global financier, Martin Armstrong of Armstrong Economics rejoins the show with this latest market commentary.
  • Despite the coordinated Herculean efforts of global central banks, low rate policies have failed to revive the economic patient.
  • Pension funds and related retiree accounts have suffered through impossibly low rates, further compounding the difficulties facing already strapped retirees.
  • Similar to the Carillion shares implosion, our guest views European banking-behemoth as a derivatives laden ($45 trillion) impending accident.
  • DB remains the potential Achilles' Heel that could wreck the EU economy, triggering a new global economic crisis.
  • The EU was doomed from the onset due to the lack of homogeneity within the cultural, socioeconomic environment among member states.
  • Martin Armstrong expects the PMs sector bull market to return when the typical investor loses confidence in monetary policies.
  • The Armstrong economic model currently expects the near parabolic climb in US equities to continue, with the Dow Jones potentially doubling again from current levels to has high as 50,000.

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