Friday, August 24, 2018

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Aug. 24th, 2018
Featured Guests
Chris Blasi & Bob Hoye

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Show Highlights
  • Chris Blasi, President of Neptune Global LLC outlines his gold and Bitcoin market outlook for 2018. Precious metals investors could be rewarded this Autumn.
  • By this September an uncertain domestic political landscape could put the US dollar under pressure to the benefit of safe haven assets.
  • The bullish narrative for platinum and palladium is just as compelling, given supply constraints, leading to delayed delivery of physical metal in many cases.
  • Neptune Global suggests that investors include the full spectrum of precious metals, including platinum, palladium, silver and gold.
  • Regarding the cryptocurrency / blockchain phenomenon, our guest / host concur that the cryptocurrency markets must not be confused with the blockchain.
  • Just as collapsed while the internet thrived, so too will the blockchain grow into a viable / ubiquitous backbone, completing an Internet 2.0.
  • The excess of the 20x Bitcoin rally of 2017 could continue to unwind in similar fashion as the year 2000 peak in US equities.
  • Given that the crypto-sector is still in the early adopter, nascent stage, the lack of track-record and volatility decreases the accuracy of forecasting methods.
  • Crypto adherents should take heart that the encryption theme will continue to usher in a decentralized, transparent revolution, central to success in the modern business environment of the next decade.
  • Bob Hoye of Institutional Advisors makes the case for gold rally following the sharp dollar selloff in the wake of the anti-rate-hike comments.
  • Safe haven assets posted gains following comments from Washington on the negative impact on US exports due in part to the Fed rate hike cycle.
  • The host notes that the strong dollar improves the relative appeal of dividend paying US equities, via quarterly payouts in the reserve currency.
  • Financial history is replete with instances climbing interest rates during an economic boom period.
  • Fed policymakers will likely follow rates higher, increasing the overnight lending rate until the trend halts, followed by a rate cutting cycle.
  • US equities remain the decade long, market du jour, despite extremely overextended valuations.
  • The current S&P P/E = 23.80 is well beyond the traditional P/E = 15.
  • Until US shares indexes top out (75% of US shares closing day price behavior mirrors the S&P 500 index) the bear trap will continue.
  • Key market insiders like Tom Lee and Mike Novagratz agree while Bitcoin and related tokens could fall markedly in price from current levels.
  • The potential value appreciation could eclipse even the most bullish of forecasts.
  • Lee goes-all-in, over the top pushing all the chips into the pot with his BTC prediction of $10 million due to purchases by Millennials.
  • Voracious institutional buying of cryptos over the next decade is anticipated as Wall Street seeks low beta / high alpha in the grassroots, mainstreet revolution.
  • The host advocates using the current weakness in cryptos as an opportunity to add a modicum of crypto assets, 1%-5% to a core gold position in every investment portfolio.

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