Friday, September 28, 2018

Martin Armstrong, Gerald Celente, Chris Waltzek Ph.D. & Robert Ian - September 28th, 2018 - Radio ©2005-2018. A Spina-Waltzek Production-©2005-2018 Royalty free music from Google Play. Disclaimer: this show is presented as informational content only. Consulting first with a registered financial adviser before investing is advisable.

Sept. 28th, 2018
Featured Guests
Gerald Celente & Martin Armstrong

Guest order - seniority.

Show Highlights
  • Founder of the Trends Research Institute, Gerald Celente returns with essential insights for savvy investors.
  • The Global-nomic models indicate the 10 year bull stampede in US shares could end soon.
  • US shares could be completing a key cycle top, as corporate insiders curtail record stock repurchases.
  • Fed policymakers wind down economic stimulus operations.
  • The PMs found a floor around $1,200 - once the $1,450 barrier is eclipsed, the uptrend in gold / silver investments will restart with gusto.
  • The guest / host agree that crude oil, the lifeblood of global economic output could soon soar to $100+ per barrel, slamming the brakes on global output.
  • The Trends Forecaster is particularly concerned by increased tensions between the super powers and their allies in the Middle East.
  • The powder keg could ignite a global conflict of epic scale.
  • Health Tip: the avocado could be the most heart-healthy food on earth, surpassing even the banana in potassium.

  • Global financier, Martin Armstrong of Armstrong Economics rejoins the show with his latest market commentary.
  • Armstrong's next Investment Seminar - Annual conference is located in Orlando Florida, scheduled for November 16-17.
  • According to Mr. Armstrong, "Tangible assets survive," when paper assets evaporate, making collectible items and PMs invaluable during financial crises.
  • Last week, Dr. Copper blasted higher by 8%; the semiprecious metal is used extensively in a broad array of industrial products such as electronics.
  • From a financial standpoint, copper is often viewed as a key barometer of global economic output, the backbone of the technology sector.
  • The strong move higher suggests improving economic conditions in the world’s second largest economy, China.
  • Media sources confirm increased demand from the rousing tiger nation and low stockpiles indicative of the perfect conditions for commodities.
  • Despite technical damage incurred by the US dollar following the sharp selloff last week our guest believes the Greenback will remain the go-to currency. The high yielding US dollar continues to attract global money flows, as investors seek much higher relative dividend yields.
  • Our guest expects this trend to also boost US shares prices. Health Tip: the host suggests discussing melatonin supplements with a general practitioner to boost the immune systemand improve rest, when taken 3 hours before bedtime (figure 1.1.).

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Saturday, September 22, 2018

Professor Raymond Moody MD PhD, John Williams, Chris Waltzek Ph.D. & Robert Ian - September 21st, 2018 - Radio ©2005-2018. A Spina-Waltzek Production-©2005-2018 Royalty free music from Google Play. Disclaimer: this show is presented as informational content only. Consulting first with a registered financial adviser before investing is advisable.

Sept. 21st, 2018
Featured Guests
Dr. Raymond Moody
& John Williams

Guest order - alphabetical.

Show Highlights
  • Dr. Raymond Moody, renowned psychiatrist; author of best-selling Life after Life (1974) and founder of The University of Heaven makes his show debut.
  • The host is reunited with the former forensic therapist 30 years after sitting in Dr. Moody's undergraduate class.
  • Our embarked upon a remarkable-lifelong scientific journey to uncover the truth about life beyond death.
  • Our guest outlines an intriguing model of the most frequent experiences outlined by those whose minds / bodies reached clinical death.
  • Dr. Moody talks with Dr. Eben Alexander, entered a coma as an atheist but reemerged with a profound spiritual-experience.
  • He is offering a seminar on his latest findings in human logic in Montreal on October 20th, 2018.
  • Some colleagues refer to his findings as the biggest breakthrough in the field since days of Dr. Kurt Godel's Incompleteness Theorem.
  • The Central Intelligence Agency was so intrigued by the concept officials invited Dr. Moody to present his hypotheses.
  • His work could facilitate scientists in bridging the gap between the macro / micro world's, unifying Einstein's field equations with subatomic models.
  • Another interesting application of Dr. Moody's seminal research might involve improving quantum computing, where binary code is inadequate for programming the language of more probabilistically based, quantum outcomes.
  • John Williams of returns to the show with dire comments on the domestic economy.
  • US policymakers have attempted to revive the domestic economy via $14 trillion QE policies requiring $100 billion per month in QE operations.
  • 9 interest rate increases will occur in the current rate hike cycle as of December, 2018 (Hunter & Pento, 2018).
  • The official economic numbers may be skewed - when properly adjusted for Real inflation (10% vs. 3% officially) retail sales are flat to negative.
  • All the world's key central banks have plans to lower / halt QE operations by the end of 2018, reversing from net positive QE to net negative QE.
  • The plan will contract the Fed's balance sheet while significantly lowering financial liquidity to the detriment of US shares / Treasuries.
  • John Williams doubts policymakers will remain hawkish for long as the global QE liquidity must continue to maintain US dollar reserve currency hegemony.
  • Given his assumption that the purchasing power of the reserve currency is "doomed," our guest has identified a singular means to escape what he views as inevitable North American, hyperinflation, via gold and silver coins / bars.

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Friday, September 14, 2018

Peter Schiff, Arch Crawford, Chris Waltzek Ph.D. & Robert Ian - September 14th, 2018 - Radio ©2005-2018. A Spina-Waltzek Production-©2005-2018 Royalty free music from Google Play. Disclaimer: this show is presented as informational content only. Consulting first with a registered financial adviser before investing is advisable.

Sept. 14th, 2018
Featured Guests
Peter Schiff & Arch Crawford

Show Highlights
  • Peter Schiff, head of SchiffGold, Euro Pacific Capital, and Euro Pacific Gold Fund (EPGFX) returns with comments on the financial sector.
  • Our guest notes that gold reached a bear market nadir in 2015 and is building a base for a new bull run.
  • Once the move begins in earnest, the gold / silver ratio will collapse as silver outperforms gold during much of the advance.
  • Washington expressed disappointment with the decision of Fed Chair Jerome Powell to continue with the national rate-hike policy into 2019.
  • Although Powell has publicity noted the Fed would "Do whatever it takes to tame inflation" Peter Schiff and the host doubt containment plans will work.
  • Policymakers may be taking their cues from misleading economic models.
  • Curtailing inflation could prove more challenging than during the last severe deflationary crisis in the early 1980's when the US was a global powerhouse.
  • In 2019, investment flows could favor gold as rate hike expectations diminish and the Greenback flounders relative to competing currencies.
  • The flattening yield curve suggests rates could invert next year implying a recessionary environment, lowering demand for US equities in favor of the PMs.
  • FREE OFFER! - Crawford Perspectives is offering the Sept. Report for those who respond today (
  • Arch Crawford, head of Crawford Perspectives for 41 consecutive years, rejoins the show, commenting on gold, financial markets and Hurricane Florence.
  • Florence is a category 4 storm headed directly for the Tar Heel State.
  • Gold remains the de facto dollar alternative given that over 96% of the Greenback's value has eroded since 1913.
  • Arch Crawford cautions US equities investors that Sept. / Oct. are typically very challenging months for the shares indexes.
  • The discussion shifts over to the cryptos, where Ethereum broke below $200, touching $170.
  • Although our guest notes positive price behavior, if the panic spreads to Bitcoin it could lead to a retest of $5700.
  • The southeast is bracing for winds of up to 130 mph and strong tidal surges by Thursday evening.
  • Similar to last year's Hurricane Harvey that decimated Puerto Rico and surrounding islands all the way up to NC.
  • Officials have already declared a state of emergency and evacuations are underway.
  • The current inland trajectory reveal high odds that the storm will pass due north of Atlanta, covering upper South Carolina.
  • The range includes the Greater Greenville region, north to Asheville and Charlotte.
  • Western North Carolina will be impacted, such as Cashiers, Glenville, Cullowhee, Sapphire, Sylva, Hayesville, etc.
  • It is advisable to check the current storm trajectory daily / hourly as weather patterns are as unpredictable - reliability of forecasts diminish over time.
  • Tens of thousands of FEMA trailers distributed in the wake of 2005 Hurricane Katrina still have toxic levels of formaldehyde, literally embalming occupants.
  • The VIN numbers are tagged on the trailer hitch side and searchable in the online database.
  • All trailer denizens are advised to check the FEMA trailer search online. Any formaldehyde readings above 6-8 ppm are deemed carcinogenic - FEMA trailers regularly register 14 times that figure.

Guest Bios
Arch Crawford
Stockmarket Cycles
Arch Crawford cut his technical analysis teeth as first assistant to top Wall Street technician Robert Farrell at Merrill Lynch in the early 1960s. In 1977, following Arch’s extensive research into astrophysical phenomenon, astrology and its correlation to market performance, he edited and published the premiere issue of Crawford Perspectives market timing newsletter. Today, nearly 40 years later, Crawford Perspectives continues to bring readers one of the most highly regarded and consistently accurate market timing newsletters available.
Website: click here.

Peter Schiff
Schiff Gold
Peter Schiff President & Chief Global Strategist
Peter is one of the few investment advisors to have correctly called the current bear market before it began and to have positioned his clients accordingly. As a result of his accurate forecasts of the mortgage meltdown, credit crunch, and decoupling of commodities, precious metals, and foreign markets from the U.S. Dollar, he has become a sought-after economic commentator on a range of investment topics. Peter delivers lectures at major economic and investment conferences, and is quoted often in the print media, including the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, L.A. Times, Barron’s, BusinessWeek, Time and Fortune. His broadcast credits include regular guest appearances on CNBC, Fox Business, CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News Channel, as well as hosting a weekly radio show. As an author, he has written four best-selling books, including his latest: " Crash Proof 2.0: How to Profit from the Economic Collapse" and "How an Economy Grows and Why It Crashes."
Schiff Gold: click here.

Friday, September 07, 2018

Professor Lawrence Kotlikoff, Bill Muprhy, Chris Waltzek Ph.D. & Robert Ian - September 7th, 2018 - Radio ©2005-2018. A Spina-Waltzek Production-©2005-2018 Royalty free music from Google Play. Disclaimer: this show is presented as informational content only. Consulting first with a registered financial adviser before investing is advisable.

Sept. 7th, 2018
Featured Guests
Professor Laurence Kotlikoff & Bill Murphy

Show Highlights
  • Professor Laurence Kotlikoff, from and author of the FREE book: You're Hired! says gold and silver investors could emerge victorious.
  • The shackles of over $200 trillion in total US debt / financial obligations and a potential trade war with key trading partners looms above the markets.
  • Investors should procure portfolio insurance such as gold while curtailing US equities / Treasuries exposure.
  • Our guest questions the wisdom of threats from Washington to impose an additional $200 billion in tariffs on China.
  • The trade skirmish has already impacted lumber imports from Canada that increased the average new home prices by over $9,000.
  • The professor notes the US government is bankrupt, which makes long-term Treasuries risky relative to shorter term US notes as well as US equities.
  • The American per capital savings rate has plunged in recent decades from 15% (similar to Japan / China currently) to 3%, suggesting very little flexibility of the typical domestic home to withstand unforeseen economic hardships.
  • The Listener's Q&A segment includes phone calls from Marcus, Trenton and John on the timely topics of gold, the Kinesis project and stocks / bonds.
  • Marcus starts off today’s discussion with comments on the Kinesis project headed by Andrew Maguire and CEO Coughlin.
  • The Kinesis gold backed cryptocurrency project from Down Under appears legit according to Goldseek's top brass.
  • We continue to expect big things from Kinesis: paper in .PDF form.
  • One key caveat, initial public offerings are very tricky to navigate and involve higher than typical risks.
  • For instance, the Komodo ICO, was a stealth currency that had an excellent underwriter.
  • It turned out to be one of the best performers in history, but quickly crashed from the 50 fold opening day price to the original tokens at pre-ICO price.
  • In most cases and for most investors it is safest to wait until an ICO goes public and organic price discovery reveals the true value.
  • The SALT lending platform ICO was legit and vetted every single US investor, spent thousands of hours making sure that everything was above board.
  • The price mostly fell from the ICO price, bounced once back to the opening price and to this point is in recovery.
  • The Smith - Crown website includes reviews of key ICOs.
  • Sometimes discounted, pre-ICO offerings via earliest bird prices are worthy candidates.
  • For those with patience who don’t want to spend a single dollar and have a chance at FREE ICOs, simply request a link via email to bookmark a page.
  • John from Sunny San Diego asks questions about the COMEX gold / paper contract ratio.
  • The folks notes little gold to cover the contracts, approximately 1 / 100 ounces / contract; a force majeure could unfold.
  • The flattening yield curve reveals expectations that the short yield could eclipse the longer yield by summer of 2019.
  • As the Fed wraps up it’s rate hike cycle and central banks in EU / China / Japan turn hawkish, the greenback will be under pressure.
  • As market forces favor the Yen, Yuan and Euro in place of the dollar in anticipation of higher yields, the US stock market advance could pause.
  • US equities investors may anticipate the rise of alternative currencies and the positive impact on competing indexes such as the Nikkei and the DAX.
  • Trenton claims to be an an investor in the sound blockchain that could potentially ignite a creativity revolution incentivising artistic output.
  • Bill Murphy of expects the global monetary crises to converge leading to explosive gains in the PMs sector.
  • According to, the gold cartel continues to raid the PMs sector as sending the gold / silver ratio to 85, making silver an irresistible value.
  • The host expects the Fed to complete the FFF rate hike cycle by mid-2019, with no more than 2 rate increases next year.
  • As a result, inflationary forces could exert downward pressure on the US Greenback to the benefit of PMs investors.
  • Against the backdrop of 1 million percent inflation in Venezuela, neighbor nation Argentina is now bracing for 60% interest rates.
  • The tumbling Argentine Peso mirrors the nearly defunct, Bolivar.
  • Venezuelan President, Nicholas Maduro and first Lady Celia Flores promoted a gold backed certificate, to help citizens cope with runaway inflation.

Guest Bios