Friday, October 12, 2018

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Oct. 12th, 2018
Featured Guests
Joseph Grosso, Axel Merk & Brian McEwen

Show Highlights
  • Joseph Grosso - Golden Arrow, Executive Chairman, CEO, & President, of Golden Arrow returns to the show with colleague, VP Brian McEwen.
  • Joseph Grosso has spearheaded mineral exploration ventures in Argentina for over twenty years.
  • Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, Golden Arrow is a silver producer, mineral explorer and prospect generator.
  • Golden Arrow is a member of the Grosso Group, a management company specialized in resource exploration.
  • The firm maintains a strong record of mineral discovery, and community / government relations.
  • Golden Arrow is poised to maintain its reputation as a trusted explorer throughout Argentina.
  • Exciting new developments include the exciting acquisition of your new Chilean property, Atlantida Copper-Gold Project in Chile’s 3rd Region.
  • VP Brian McEwen discovered and negotiated on copper-gold deposits.
  • Estimates indicate the potential for mineralization and define a significant copper-gold resource.
  • Company literature reveals a deep porphyry copper-gold target with higher gold grades that together cover an area of approximately 225 hectares.
  • The Atlantida Project is under New Golden Explorations Inc., which is 100% owned by Golden Arrow (Golden Arrow, 2018).
  • The Chinchillas project is targeted for production in 2018.
  • Completed joint venture with major silver producer Silver Standard (now SSR Mining).
  • The mining-friendly location in northwest Argentina that supports an impressive infrastructure, including access to highways, and ample water resources.
  • The Don Bosco Copper-Gold Project, holds exploration licenses encompassing five areas in Western La Rioja Province, Argentina.
  • The project is feasible year round, supported by a paved highway that facilitates accessibility (Golden Arrow, 2016).
  • Golden Arrow has additional properties of interest in the San Juan Province, including the Mogote Copper-Gold Project, the Caballos Copper-Gold Project, and Potrerillos Gold-Silver Project – the firm owns 100% of all three properties.
  • Axel Merk, head of Merk Investments returns to the show after a two year hiatus with a unique and positive outlook on the gold sector.
  • Merk Investments is monitoring the yield curve closely; while inversions typically mark recessions, occasional false signals are still possible.
  • Using central banking policy as a guide, the new Fed Chief, Jerome Powell is expected to continue raising rates a bit too far similar to predecessors.
  • The market has not yet fully priced the additional rate hikes and impending inflationary pressures.
  • This conclusion leads to the key takeaway point: given Merk's economic outlook, where paper assets with cash flow exposure to much higher rates suffer relative to commodities, such as gold, silver, platinum, palladium and crude oil, the PMs should outperform US equities and make a compelling alternative to competing asset classes.

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