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Peter Schiff, Gerald Celente, Chris Waltzek Ph.D. & Robert Ian - Februray 8th, 2019 - Radio. A Spina-Waltzek Production-©2005-2019 Royalty free music from Google Play. Disclaimer: this show is presented as informational content only. FRB 121102 - Harvard Dataverse - Harvard University.

Feb. 8th, 2019
Featured Guests
Gerald Celente and
Peter Schiff

Show Highlights
  • Gerald Celente returns from the Trends Research Institute and Globalnomic® Trend Forecaster with key insights.
  • Venezuela is on the verge of chaos as President Maduro faces a coup and perhaps even pressure from US military forces.
  • Already over 3 million people have fled the nation.
  • A key method of transferring their wealth remains gold and cryptos, underscoring the significance of safe haven investing.
  • Some pundits suggest caution as key BRICS nations also seek maintain oil interests in the country and surrounding nations.
  • Mr. Celente fears most of S.A. could face implications for the citizens in the region.
  • The duo concur that the Fed has finished the QT rate hike cycle and will likely return to monetary expansion / QE operations.
  • Last year the combined gold purchases of global central banks reached an epic level.
  • The Trend's Journal predicted the gold bottom at $1,200, missing the mark by only 1%; the low was $1,18.
  • The duo agree that the price may never again test the $1,185 level.
  • Gerald Celente notes the bulk of US bullion may no longer be present in the vaults of Ft. Knox, the NY Fed and West Point. Chris's late father guarded the gold vaults of Ft. Knox; he confirmed gold was present in the 1960's, however over 50 years earlier.

  • Peter Schiff, head of SchiffGoldEuro Pacific Capital, and Euro Pacific Gold Fund (EPGFX) offers his latest financial insights.
  • The US Fed halted QT operations 6 months in advance, hinting in recent "Fed Speak" rhetoric that QE operations could soon commence.
  • The Fed could soon combat slowing global economic conditions and the impact of the trade war between the US and China.
  • Analysts suggest this could lead to runaway inflation, as the Fed's balance sheet was barely reduced before new QE injections.
  • Monetary policymakers are pushing on a string, their QE and rate cut operations are far less effective.
  • This point is revealed by the tiny reduction in their balance sheet during the 10 year economic miracle.
  • The early end of the rate hike cycle is de facto evidence that policymakers are loosing control ahead of an inflationary collapse.
  • The duo concur the opportunity the PMs share is impressive.
  • Peter Schiff expects at least a 50% climb in the price of gold that will launch the leveraged gold shares into orbit.

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    Guest Bios

    Peter Schiff
    Schiff Gold
    Peter Schiff President & Chief Global Strategist
    Peter is one of the few investment advisors to have correctly called the current bear market before it began and to have positioned his clients accordingly. As a result of his accurate forecasts of the mortgage meltdown, credit crunch, and decoupling of commodities, precious metals, and foreign markets from the U.S. Dollar, he has become a sought-after economic commentator on a range of investment topics. Peter delivers lectures at major economic and investment conferences, and is quoted often in the print media, including the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, L.A. Times, Barron’s, BusinessWeek, Time and Fortune. His broadcast credits include regular guest appearances on CNBC, Fox Business, CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News Channel, as well as hosting a weekly radio show. As an author, he has written four best-selling books, including his latest: " Crash Proof 2.0: How to Profit from the Economic Collapse" and "How an Economy Grows and Why It Crashes."
    Schiff Gold: click here.

    Gerald Celente
    Trends Research Institute
    The Martial Artist of Trend Forecasting —The purpose of trend forecasting is to provide insights and directions in anticipation of what the future may bring – and to be prepared for the unexpected.Gerald Celente, a Close Combat practitioner and black belt trainer, well understands the importance of proacting rather than reacting: "The first rule of Close Combat is to attack the attacker. Action is faster than reaction. The same holds true for the future. You know the future is coming … attack it before it attacks you."
    Founder of The Trends Research Institute in 1980, Gerald Celente is a pioneer trend strategist. He is author of the national bestseller Trends 2000 and Trend Tracking (Warner Books) – "Far better than Megatrends," and publisher of the internationally circulated Trends Journal newsletter.
    Political Atheist — Gerald Celente is a political atheist. Unencumbered by political dogma, rigid ideology or conventional wisdom, Celente, whose motto is "think for yourself," observes and analyzes the current events forming future trends for what they are – not for the way he wants them to be.
    Like a doctor giving a diagnosis after gathering the facts, whether or not you like the prognosis doesn’t alter the outcome, make him an optimist or pessimist – it’s simply what is. And while Celente holds a US passport, he considers himself a citizen of the world.
    Globalnomic® Trend Forecaster — Using his unique perspectives on current events forming future trends, Gerald Celente developed the Globalnomic® methodology which is used to identify, track, forecast and manage trends.
    The world's only trends analyst covering 300 diversified trends fields, Gerald Celente and the Trends Research Institute provide trend research studies and consulting services to businesses and governments worldwide. Celente also designed the nation’s first professional course in trend forecasting.
    The proof is in his past — Gerald Celente has earned his reputation as "The most trusted name in trends" by accurately forecasting hundreds of social, business, consumer, environmental, economic, political, entertainment, and technology trends. Among them:
    Celente coined the term "clean foods" in 1993 and predicted sustained growth in organic products in 1988.

    When gold was at $275 per ounce in 2002, Celente said the price had bottomed and in 2004 forecast the beginning of the "Gold Bull Run." Since that time, with pinpoint accuracy, he said when, why - and how high - gold would go. * recording.

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    Enhanced Modern Portfolio Theory via Long-Memory Regimes (Waltzek, 2016).

    Blockchain Conservation Imitative - Proof of Safe Tusk (PoST)
    The host proposes a blockchain based, conservation effort (PDF Paper) to bring a stop to the cruel and unnecessary ivory trade - if you know someone who would like to get involved and or support the effort, contact Chris
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