Friday, April 26, 2019

John Williams, Dr. Douglas Vogt, Chris Waltzek Ph.D. & Robert Ian - April 26th, 2019 - Radio. A Spina-Waltzek Production-©2005-2019 Royalty free music from Google Play. Disclaimer: this show is presented as informational content only.

April 26th, 2019
Featured Guests
John Williams
Dr. Douglas Vogt.
  • John Williams of Shadowstats.comreturns to the show with provisos on the domestic economy.
  • Investors are advised to prepare for a recession as soon as the second quarter of 2019.
  • As soon as September analysis indicates Fed policymakers will begin a new rate cut cycle.
  • When adjusted for Real inflation (10% vs. 3% officially) retail sales are flat to negative and economic output is overstated.
  • This could put downward pressure on the US dollar and US shares.
  • Over the past decade, US policymakers have attempted to revive the domestic economy via $14 trillion in QE.
  • Inflation could send crude oil to new highs as well as the PMs.
  • Ultimately the world's reserve currency will require revaluation against gold, the true reserve currency.
  • Unfortunately our guest expects policymakers to ignore the lessons of financial history resulting in hyperinflation.
  • Gold could then climb to $25,000+.
  • Our guest proposes a singular means to escape what he views as inevitable hyperinflation: gold and silver coins / bars.
  • The host adds that cryptocurrencies are de facto alternatives to fiat paper money schemes.
  • Bitcoin, Ethereum and related assets could also participate in the global currency endgame in extraordinary fashion.
  • The head of the Diehold Foundation, Dr. Douglas Vogt presents Part II of the discussion.
  • The author of several must read books, outlines a dire warning for all of the world's inhabitants.
  • Part II includes greater details on how to survive a potentially catastrophic solar-nova event and refuges and escape plans.
  • According to an ancient Egyptian legend, a king had a dream that the world would be destroyed.
  • The king subsequently commissioned the construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza to hold the sum of world knowledge.
  • The host asks if the ancients have have known of the cycle of cataclysmic events outlined in the discussion.
  • The host suggests global governments could protect billions of people via temporary relocation to bunkers in safer regions.
  • Safer areas during a deluge include the Andes and Himalayan mountain ranges.
  • Dr. Vogt suggests that one explanation for the increase in variety in species includes intense solar-nova rays.
  • Dr. Robert Shoch of Boston U., supports the concept of solar disruptions causing catastrophic events on earth.
  • Dr. Schoch presents compelling archeological / geological evidence he and Dr. West uncovered near the pyramids of Giza.
  • Additional anomalies presented - why current scientific thinking may be skewed regarding the earth's iron core.
  • Dr. Vogt suggests the center of the earth is a key modulation point of compressed information and a dynamic iron fluid.
  • Dr. Vogt adds an additional explanation for why some archeologists believe Noah's ark may have been found at high elevation on Mt. Ararat (figure 1.2.)

Friday, April 19, 2019

Stanton Friedman, Harry S., Dent Jr. Chris Waltzek Ph.D. & Robert Ian - April 19th, 2019 - Radio. A Spina-Waltzek Production-©2005-2019 Royalty free music from Google Play. Disclaimer: this show is presented as informational content only.

April 19th, 2019
Featured Guests
Stanton Friedman
Harry S. Dent Jr.
  • Harry S. Dent Jr. brings fresh insights on the US financial markets in his latest appearance.
  • US equities remain one of a handful of stock bourses to make set new records since 2018.
  • The stock market resiliency may be due in part to approximately $16 trillion of monetary-stimulus.
  • Excessive liquidity injections could foment an epic financial bubble crescendo, culminating with Nasdaq 10,000.
  • The current system appears to be "gamed" to such a degree that the unexpected could unfold in the blink of an eye.
  • A few decades earlier, paper and coins and checks comprised the bulk of circulating currency.
  • Today, digital fund have been magnified significantly and distributed among numerous leveraged financial instruments
  • Added complexity could make anticipating the outcome of an economic crisis opaque at best for the typical investor.
  • Harry S. Dent Jr.'s expectation for Bitcoin to soar to $32,000 within a year, if US shares experience a runaway bull market.
  • The duo agree to hold at least 10% in precious metals, the other financial "free lunch.
  • At least a 1% holding in cryptocurrencies, currently accepted by several US states for tax payment purposes is advisable.
  • It seems inevitable that a key central bank will announce the accumulation of not only gold and silver, but also Bitcoin.
  • The end result could ignite a Bitcoin gold rush of epic proportions, a buying frenzy unseen in modern times.
  • Naysayers are advised to review the low capitalization of the crypto currencies relative to the bubble.
  • The crypto market cap is a fraction of the peak.
  • Investors are encouraged to embrace cryptos as much more than mere currencies.
  • Cryptos offer digital freedom and improvements in security, transparency as well as anonymity.
  • Digital tokens are a gateway to a unique spectrum of industries in a nascent stage.
  • The second largest crypto, Ethereum is a currency as well as highly dynamic digital-asset, and contract platform.
  • Cryptos are transforming business transactions in numerous sectors, including real estate, education, insurance, etc.
  • The stratosphere is the limit for digital tokens as corporate executives and government officials alike embrace the innovative technology among a seemingly endless array of use-cases, such as Bitcoin forks that permit highly affordable embedding of contracts / images / data / books, etc., in a permanent and highly accessible immutable ledger.
  • Physicist Stanton Friedman makes his show debut with an overview of his efforts to advance interstellar travel.
  • The former classmate of Carl Sagan spent 14 years designing fusion / fission propulsion systems for space travel.
  • One of the NASA nuclear engines, merely 8 feet in diameter emitted twice the energy output of the massive Hoover dam.
  • Astronomers and cosmologists have updated the likelihood of habitable planets in the universe to perhaps millions.
  • Each star hosts at least one planet on average and there are 150+ billion stars in the Milky Way, one of 200 billion galaxies.
  • Evidence suggests that the earth is in contact and perhaps being visited by extraterrestrial devices.
  • A small number of which are controlled by entities from another world.
  • A chief concern of civilizations beyond the earth could be preventing disruptive encounters with other cultures.
  • Stanton Friedman supports the host's notion that top secret space programs may have traveled to distant planets.
  • 1 g-force acceleration is sufficient to approach light speed in just one year, reaching Proxima Centauri in just 5 years, similar to the interstellar ships proposed by NASA. Radio
Closer look at story on NASA / JPL Mars photos...
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Saturday, April 13, 2019

April 12th, 2019
Featured Guests
Martin Armstrong & Dr. Douglas Vogt

  • The head of the Diehold Foundation, Dr. Douglas Vogt makes his show debut in Part I of the discussion.
  • The Diehold message could be the most important message of the last 12,000 years.
  • The author of several must read books, hosts a wealth of knowledge building videos on Youtube.
  • The key message is dire warning of potentially disruptive-geological events on the horizon.
  • Our guest resolves anomalies that suggest our sun experiences regular novas at great cost to the planet earth.
  • The research could resolve why woolly mammoths and rhinos are regularly found frozen instantly near the North Pole.
  • The host suggests that Jupiter and perhaps Saturn may have had micro-novas of their own.
  • This offers one of many possible explanations for the geological aberrations on their extensive planetary moon systems.
  • Our guest's work helps to substantiate a hypothesis published by the host 5 years earlier.
  • The reason why the surface of the sun is merely 7 thousand degrees and less than that of lightening on earth, relative to the much hotter surrounding region, is likely due to a crust that accumulates on the star's surface.
  • The head of Armstrong Economics, Martin Armstrong rejoins the show in Part II of the discussion.
  • The dialogue includes an overview of the Presidential Cycle and US stock market performance.
  • Stock indexes could climb to record highs if history acts as a guide amid fresh foreign capital inflows.
  • Global investors seek out the key shares with big media exposure, such as the Dow 30 components.
  • Martin Armstrong expects precious metals and equities based cryptocurrencies to outperform their peers.
  • Several key gold / silver stocks have shown solid signs of performance amid the multi-month US equities rally.
  • High cash levels of the typical US investment portfolio is in search of new profit opportunities.
  • Key takeaway point; investors should ignore the sea of negativity surrounding US stocks as The Forecaster expects shares to climb 50%: "... we'll see 40,000 Dow Jones before we see 10,000... 
April 5th, 2019
Featured Guests
Ed Moya &
Bob Hoye

  • Ed Moya, Chief Market Strategist at Oandamakes his show debut with comments on equities, PMs, Bitcoin and crude oil.
  • Our guest notes the price of gold would be much higher if the trade war were a legitimate threat to economic growth.
  • Gold aficionados will be rewarded for their patience once the EU experiences a renaissance in economic output.
  • While Oanda remains bullish on the oil sector, during the summer months production increases tend to boost output.
  • The host / guest agree that the digital blockchain revolution will be the foundation of the global economy.
  • The unique portfolio-beta balancing qualities of cryptos make adding a modicum of digital assets to portfolios sound advice. Signal Hunters is excited to present blockchain embedded images from Mars, courtesy of NASA, in a Bitcoin fork token - contact the host for
  • The Bitcoin Bubble - the exponential rise of Bitcoin / Cryptos in 2017, where Bitcoin ascended from $1,000 to $20,000 in only 12 months, a 20x advance was a bubble: the host / guest draw parallels with the epic Nikkei market zenith. However, the host finds similarities with the bubble where many companies survived and thrived, such as Amazon, Google and eBay.
  • Governments can shutdown cryptos easily: Mr. Pento notes the small number of BTC holders and core developing team as potential challenges. The host counters, citing the decentralized nature of many coins and peer-to-peer structure of Bitcoin In addition, Bitcoin remains a national currency of Japan, extremely techno-friendly country.
  • Crytocurrencies are not money or currencies: Mr. Pento says cryptos are not rare and indestructible, the host counters with the nearly indecipherable nature and immutable aspects as well as the distributed digital ledger - cryptos maintain value, albeit highly volatile, ideal peer-to-peer digital currencies.
  • Gold is real money but not silver: Gold is the king of currencies, silver is the prince and cryptos share many similar qualities.
  • Bitcoin has been diluted by Forks (similar to dividends) and 10,000 other competing tokens: The host agrees that there is dilution, however, there are also over 15,000 stocks trading on US exchanges and many companies within each industry; dilution does not detract from the value of cryptos but is de facto evidence of the need for diverse tokens.
  • Cryptos have no value? Mr. Pento advocates digital wealth as a chief means of transferring wealth abroad. The host directs the dialogue to the Bitcoin revolution underway in Venezuela where people are fleeing the nation in droves amid 10 million percent inflation, as forecasted by the IMF in a Reuter's article on Moving wealth across borders is challenging given that $300,000 could soon be required to purchase a $3 loaf of bread, just 2 years earlier and a gold coin $120,000,000 or $120 million! Parallels are drawn between the numerous inflationary fiasco's from the genesis of civilization until today, including Ancient Greece, Rome, China, 100 years of inflation during the 1700's in France, perhaps best illustrated by the easy to read, Fiat Money Inflation in France (White, 1876), free PDF / HTML copies here. In the last century, hyperinflation ravaged the economies throughout Europe as well as Zimbabwe.
  • Michael Pento outlines his less than favorable Bitcoin price forecast via the Pentonomic multivariate-regression model.
  • Bob Hoye, Editor & Chief Investment Strategist of Charts and Markets.comrejoins the show with must-hear commentary.
  • The US equities market and the precious metals sector seem like safe investment strategies.
  • The duo comment on the market correlation in the cryptocurrency market.
  • Bitcoin and most Altcoins share low correlations with competing asset classes.
  • Digital currencies are solid investment portfolio, beta-boosting asset, for risk-tolerant, investors.
  • The discussion includes an overview of financial bubbles and the implications for future market prices.
    Mar. 29th, 2019
    Featured Guests
    Gerald Celente &
    Martin Armstrong
    Guest order via seniority.


    • In Part I with global financier, Martin Armstrong of Armstrong Economicsour guest rejoins the show with commentary.
    • "Tangible assets will survive," when paper assets evaporate, making collectible items and PMs invaluable.
    • Martin Armstrong is anticipating an EU banking crisis, a "Perfect Storm" a liquidity crisis looms in emerging markets. With capital controls starting to curb appetites for global debt, investors could face complete chaos by May of 2019.
    • The sound money crowd could be vindicated at that point, as global investors / institutions scramble for the exit.
    • However, far too golden lifejackets / lifeboats are available on the deck of the economic SS Titanic.
    • Trends Research Institute's Gerald Celente returns with ebullient comments on the gold sector.
    • Now that the US Fed has officially announced the end of the rate-hike cycle, the die is case.
    • The next leg of the gold bull market may be inevitable. Although domestic home prices have declined amid the 3 year rate hike cycle, now that rates could soon decline.
    • Amid robust new home starts figures, the economy could soon experience a surge in home prices and economic output.
    • The current Fed Funds Futures contacts at the CME exchange indicate no probability of a rate hike this year into next year.
    • One potential outcome includes new record highs in US shares and a potential assault on 2,000 gold.
    • The Great Recession 2008 may be viewed as mere dress rehearsal for the next economic calamity.
    • The interview concludes with an overview of what could be an off-world message uncovered by The GANESHA Project.
    • Gerald Celente supports the thesis, noting that much of humankind's history is inadequate.
    • Recent carbon dating on skulls indicates that human beings perhaps roamed the earth up to 20 million years hence.
    • Despite the mountain of compelling evidence put forward by SignalHunters, Gerald Celente notes that most people will cling tenaciously to antiquated belief systems, ignoring the evidence of a remarkable intelligence of unknown origin.
    Mar. 22nd, 2019
    Featured Guests
    Dr. Charles Nenner MD
    Bill Murphy
    Scheduled: Sun. 3/24

    • Hailing from sunny Miami Florida, home of the exotic Miami beach,Charles Nenner rejoins the show.
    • Our guest outlines proprietary market model entries / exits including gold that could eventually ascend to $2,500
    • Adding support for the bullish case for PMs / commodities, the Euro could remain strong relative to the Greenback.
    • Years ending in the number 7 oftentimes lead to key weakness in the NYSE, such as the Crash of 1987, market-flu of 1997.
    • The Nenner model anticipates the final low to unfold in 2020, despite one of the most impressive share rallies in US history.
    • Charles Nenner outlines a unique solar activity indicator that appears to offer insights on US share prices, strikingly similar to that of longtime show mentor, Arch Crawford.
    • Former NFL player Bill Murphy of GATA.orgreturns with commentary on the silver market.
    • Mr. Price is convinced that the new Fed Chair must lower rates and commence QE3 operations.
    • The silver Liberty Dollar is making a comeback as US state legislators recognize and embrace the need for sound money.
    • Hong Kong just announced a $6.4 billion defense of its currency peg to the US dollar.
    • The PMs could undergo an epic run to the three digit level in surprisingly fast order.
    • For the first time in perhaps decades, central banks are now accumulating silver.
    • President Putin directed the Moscow bank to fill the coffers with 72 pound silver bars.
    • The new trend suggests the already inelastic market could soon stretch even more tightly.
    • The bear vs. bull market struggle continues to intensify between the heavy player, the commercials vs. specs, removing the reigns, from the gold market cartel, which is now running low on physical metal formerly used to cap the paper market price.
      Mar. 15th, 2019
      Featured Guests
      CEO Ken Lewis &
      Bob Hoye

      • ONEGOLD Inc. holds physical gold and silvermetals at the Royal Canadian Mint through our friends at APMEX and Sprott.
      • CEO of APMEX and founder of ONEGOLD Inc., Kenneth Lewis returns to the show with the latest developments on the ONEGOLD digital platform.
      • APMEX clears $1 billion annually in PMs transactions, which facilitated the transition into the blockchain based gold market.
      • Investors from 80 countries signed up for ONEGOLD and 29 countries are represented.
      • ONEGOLD already boasts $2 million under management in merely 3 months.
      • ONEGOLD facilitates virtually any order with the mean order size over $1,500.
      • APMEX's traditional PM's investors appreciate the option to link bank accounts to the ONEGOLD, digital gold system.
      • The option facilitates dollar-cost-averaging, the hallmark of long-term investment success.
      • Key Point: unlike competitors, ONEGOLD Inc. makes redemption of blockchain based PMs as simple and hands free as possible.
      • Simply convert to physical metals at any time and without any tedious sales intermediation.
      • Key Point: with over $100 million of PMs inventory in secure vaults, ONEGOLD typically ships orders the same-day when placed before 3 pm CST, setting the industry standard.
      • The first online marketplace to offer secure and convenient buying, selling and redemption of digital PMs.
      • ONEGOLD uses VaultChain, a secure, immutable blockchain ledger from Tradewind Markets, the leading innovator in digital precious metals tech.
      • ONEGOLD digital gold and silver are 100% redeemable for delivery of physical bullion to customers’ doors.
      • VaultChain gold and silver are available for purchases of any size and competitive prices with low transaction and storage costs.
      • is secure and accessible 24/7 on any device, offering convenient purchases and sales of precious metals.
      • Easy to setup recurring transactions makes passive saving and dollar cost averaging the gold price, as easy as a mouse click.
      • As a special offer and for a limited time only, ONEGOLD is offering gold and silver at spot price, with no additional premiums.
      • VaultChain sets the industry standard as a fully backed physical asset, with easy redemption in coins, rounds or bars offering clients peace of mind.
      • Tiered pricing insures optimal purchases for each transaction.
      • ONEGOLD leverages the advantages of the gold and crypto, a unique synthesis of two diverse asset classes.
      • Account funding couldn't be simpler through check, ACH, bank wire, PayPal and even Bitcoin
      • Investing is available before funds settle with as little as $1 up to $125,000.
      • Bob Hoye, Editor & Chief Investment Strategist of Charts and Markets.comrejoins the show key insights.
      • Financial history may not repeat but it certainly harmonizes, as seen in a review of modern monetary operations.
      • John Law's Mississippi Scheme involved epic monetary expansion, where approximately 7 printing presses.
      • The mania remains the textbook schematics of today's global financial bubble.
      • Another comparable example, the Railroad Stock Financial Panic of 1873 echoes today in over-leveraged products.
      • Dovish monetary policy over stimulated economic conditions, culminating in the now infamous 1929 market peak / crash.
      • Bob Hoye and Ross Clark continue to monitor global economic conditions for signs of slowed growth.
      • Iif the current trend persists, lower market lows could lead to a Great Recession 2.0.
      • On the contrary, if the US / China trade war resolves amicably, US shares could surprise many pundits in 2019.
      • The PMs could ride the coattails of risk-on and inflation themes.
      • PMs investors are encouraged to recall that the price of gold in real terms tends to outperform asset classes.
      • Bob Hoye and the host are watching for reentry points in gold and silver shares given the big push of key CB's to hoard the metals, as the next big leg higher sends gold and silver well above their 2011 highs.
        Mar. 8th, 2019
        Featured Guests
        Dr. Stephen Leeb

        • Best selling author and show Mentor, Dr. Stephen Leeb returns with an key insights on the coming precious metals bonanza.
        • As the world searches for alternatives to the reserve currency to avoid what is sometimes perceived as unfair trade practices.
        • The price of gold is destined to return to it's former lofty position as king among the 6 chief global currencies.
        • China has slowly started opting out of of the petrodollar arrangement, as nations line up for Yuan based oil transactions.
        • The blockchain revolution will facilitate the transition from the outdated fiat currency system dominated by one key player.
        • The new paradigm will restore individual sovereignty and personal freedoms by crushing antiquated barriers.
        • The revolution extends into high technology, including electronic vehicles that will lower emissions around the globe.
        • Copper, lead, zinc and silver remain essential metals for photovoltaic energy production.
        • The narrative veers into the speculative, with a chat on the GANESHA Project at Signal Hunters, a small group of researchers who may have identified a message from beyond this world.
          Mar. 1st, 2019
          Featured Guests
          Prof. Burton Malkiel
          & Bill Murphy

          • Former NFL player Bill Murphy of GATA.orgreturns with commentary on the stunning advance in palladium.
          • The former industrial metal has an inversion of the typical market dynamics, eclipsing the precious metals king.
          • The host proposes a chief factor sending Palladium higher while gold and platinum remain relatively subdued.
          • Unlike the former high fliers, palladium was not hoarded as a store of value, but instead consumed like silver by industries.
          • The silver market could undergo an epic run to the three digit level in surprisingly fast order.
          • For the first time in perhaps decades, central banks are now accumulating silver.
          • President Putin directed the Moscow bank to fill the coffers with 72 pound silver bars.
          • The new trend suggests the already inelastic market could soon stretch even more tightly for exceptional expected-returns.
          • Dr. Burton Malkiel, returns to the show to discuss the 12th edition of A Random Walk Down Wall Street.
          • For decades his magnum opus has guided millions of investors on the path to financial success through diversified index funds.
          • While a small cadre of investors occasionally outperform the market return substantially it is rarely consistent.
          • 90% of actively managed funds fail to meet the returns of basic index funds.
          • Economics Nobel Laureate, Professor Paul Samuelson likened trading vs. investing as giving a potent potable to the addict.
          • Our guest outlines research on financial market bubbles, such as the bubble, the Crash of 1929 and the Tulip Mania.
          • Dr. Malkiel outlines key findings on ETF expense ratios, offering guidance on the best ETFs for optimal expected-returns.
          • Dr. Malkiel prefers mutual fund investments over ETFs to avoid the hidden costs associated with the spread.
          • The difference between the bid / ask, an expense levied on the ETF purchaser.
          • Favorite ETF alternatives include Vanguard and Fidelity index funds.
          • Dollar-cost-averaging (DCA) on a regular basis, i.e., adding funds to a portfolio of index funds is highly advisable.
          • For example, the recent 20% decline in US equities offered significant discounts to investors who deployed the DCA investing methodology, essentially providing indirect market-timing success without forecasting or predictive modeling.
          Feb. 22nd, 2019
          Featured Guests
          Dr. Stephen Leeb
          & Michael Pento

          • Best selling author, and show Mentor, Dr. Stephen Leeb returns with an even more robust outlook on precious metals.
          • Dr. Leeb feels the trade war between the US / China will be resolved amicably without undo distress to either nation.
          • The narrative includes the musical accomplishments of Glenn Gould, a most remarkable musician.
          • Dr. Leeb expresses disbelief at the piano style genre Gould created.
          • The host adds that it was his early instruction from his mother and mentor who encouraged the superhuman talents.
          • He seems to "digitize his music, pulse-wave like modulation" in the Goldberg Variations.
          • The discussion shifts to AI, Dr. Leeb believes AI will not eclipse human level intelligence.
          • The host views AI as a natural evolution, an inevitable emergent property of intelligence.
          • Biological life may one day be viewed as the genesis leading to an ultimate zenith, AI.
          • President Putin said, "Whoever controls AI, controls the world."
          • Dr. Leeb throws down the gauntlet, challenging researchers to compete on a global basis.
          • Dr. Leeb flatters the team, noting if this is verified it is "THE Discovery of the Century."
          • The 50 page, APA formatted "GANESHA Project, FRB 121102 Findings" was presented by the team to the EU, CIA, NSA..
          • Michael Pento, Dr. Leeb and anonymous local contributors in Cullowhee, NC are recognized for offering valuable insights on the project.
          • Michael Pento, President and Founder of Pento Portfolio Strategies LLCreturns to Radio.
          • Mr. Pento graciously outlines his current portfolio-strategy in detail for the listening audience.
          • One of the few economic pundits to correctly anticipate the market plunge of 2018 on record.
          • Gold and utilities remain favorite long positions, while he is comfortable with a short position in long-term Treasuries.
          • Mr. Pento crushes the opposition on the trade war debate.
          • The Administration's tax increases on imports have actually boosted domestic GDP, contrary to popular consensus.
          • Only if the proposed 15% increase in new tariffs on China remains in full effect for a year will GDP suffer.
          • Meanwhile, global central banks printed roughly $15 trillion in debt IOUs while plunging real interest rates negative for the first time in recorded history, just to salvage the financial markets from the Great Recession.

          Feb. 15th, 2019 (S14-E683) Featured Guests Louis Navellier & Bob Hoye

          Feb. 15th, 2019
          Featured Guests
          Louis Navellier
          Bob Hoye

          • Bob Hoye, Editor & Chief Investment Strategist of Charts and Markets.comrejoins the show with must-hear commentary.
          • The precious metals sector seems like a safe investment strategy amid a "Post-bubble" economic contraction.
          • The dialogue includes further details on his "popular-uprising" thesis.
          • The host presents the compelling findings of the Diehold Foundation, where our star experiences a micro-nova cycle.
          • The host prepared a countdown timer based on the forecast suggested by the Diehold Foundation found below this text.
          • According to the theory, the Sun micro-nova causes half of the earth's atmosphere to evaporate very quickly.
          • The sudden drop in atmospheric pressure freezes the poles and even south of the Arctic circle quickly.
          • Next, much of the ocean supposedly evaporates due to the intense solar rays, flooding the atmosphere with water vapor.
          • The ocean sea level plunges globally by at least 10 feet.
          • The release of enormous water vapor fills the skies, hypothetically with massive clouds, shading out the sunlight.
          • The resulting yearlong winters create huge arctic sheet build up of up to a mile or more in depth.
          • 12,000 years later, the massive ice sheets are reportedly flash melted resulting in biblical flooding, i.e., Noah's Ark-like.
          • The the cycle repeats - the next micro-nova could take place in less than 28 years +/- a few years.
          • According to the theory, the bifurcated cycle will result in massive ice sheets covering most of the regions.
          • How will 8-10 billion people (28 years from now) survive when the bread basket regions experience yearlong winters?
          • The solar flares and solar projectiles reportedly found on earth and our moon hint at impacts of 20,000+ mph.
          • Also, epic droughts, earthquakes registering 9.5+ on the Richter scale, and a nascent ice age all could unfold.
          • The host proposes 99.99% of the planet's population may face an extinction-level event from the purely natural phenomenon.
          • One possible solution - large solar mylar sheets deployed in orbit above the earth could redirect 2x's the typical sunlight.
          • The earth's populace could be temporarily housed on the safest side of the earth during the micro-nova.
          • The Southern Hemisphere at the highest altitude possible, perhaps the Andes of Peru, S.A. the Himalayas, the Alps.
          • Australia could be the safest place on earth in 28 years, as the earth's position and exact time of the nova is unknown.
          • Might Elon Musk's push to build a colony on Mars be influenced by the micro-nova phenomenon?
          • The host posits Mars is an interesting alternative to the Earth given the potential for habitability on mars via the polar ice caps as a water source and the far greater distance from the sun lowering the shotgun like impact of the sun's crust projectiles exponentially, as well as the fact that the sun will theoretically shine brighter over Mars once its outer shell is released, raising the ambient temperature on the currently frigid planet?
          • Louis Navellier of Navellier & Associates returns with key insights on advanced investment portfolio analysis.
          • The Navellier Tactical ETF ranked #2 in Morningstar's service and topped the list for 3 consecutive years.
          • The relative strength of the US dollar continues to funnel capital from global investors seeking into US Blue Chip shares.
          • Investors across the globe are pursuing better than typical, expected-returns via higher dividend yields in the US.
          • The EU drama could exacerbate the situation, a tipping point of sorts leading to the influx of funds into the US.
          • Navellier and Associates plans to close the SHY and IEY hedges against US share volatility with a solid profit.
          • The identical investment strategy was suggested by Michael Pento on the show weeks ago.
          • Louis Navellier outlines the nuances of his ETF spread investing-methodology, of successful, Navellier Tactical ETF.
          • Alliteration alert: Investors continue to exit-the-Brexit of uncertainty and yellow-vest-unrest, for solid leadership.
          • Our guest outlines what he views as a conspiracy within the market, which could save millions investors significant fees, please read Robo-Sharks(Navellier, 2018).