Saturday, June 15, 2019

Peter Schiff, Harry S. Dent Jr., Chris Waltzek Ph.D. & Robert Ian - June 14th, 2019 - Radio. A Spina-Waltzek Production-©2005-2019 Royalty free music from Google Play. Disclaimer: this show is presented only as informational content.

June 14th, 2019
Featured Guests
Peter Schiff &
Harry S. Dent Jr.

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Interview Recap
  • Part II with Peter Schiff, head of SchiffGoldEuro Pacific Capitalincludes key insights on the financial markets.
  • The Echo Great Recession could be more intense than the 2008 meltdown.
  • Corporate bonds defaults could trigger an unstoppable financial crisis. Unlike a the last financial debacle.
  • This time the fallout could be systemic leaving unwary investors with few places to hide especially institutions.
  • Peter Schiff is concerned about the debt / leverage in the residential housing market as seen in the echo housing bubble.
  • Given the national Case/Shiller S&P Housing index; caveat emptor notes Peter Schiff.
  • His chief concern remains the systemic risk in the US dollar and related paper assets.
  • The ideal panacea remains gold / silver and related shares as well as non-US investments as safe havens.
  • The host remains bullish on the long-term aspects of the cryptocurrency market.
  • Peter Schiff encourages investors to book profits in the sector and redirect funds to the PMs.
  • Just as Venezuela issued a crypto backed by the national oil supply, Peter Schiff agrees with Chris Waltzek, the cryptocurrency has tangible as well as digital value to the betterment of global society, such as a rare painting.
  • Harry S. Dent Jr. outlines his financial market analysis and forecasts including US equities.
  • The NASDAQ could soar to 10,000 and the Dow Jones Industrials to 33,000 assuming a US / China trade deal.
  • The Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell stunned investors last week with new forward guidance on rates.
  • The FFF reflect a possible rate cut as soon as next month, almost 5 months earlier than anticipated.
  • The EU's central bank chief economic Minster, Mario Draghi noting that he would do "Whatever it takes..." to protect the EU financial markets.
  • Economists interpreted the comments to mean policymakers will print any amount of Euros necessary to maintain the status quo.
  • Harry Dent expresses concern that the traditional US stock market bubble cycle could repeat.
  • The resulting bear market sending key share indexes lower by 70-89%.
  • New Homes Starts have slowed but not yet declined, suggestive of sustained momentum for the time being.
  • Despite the rhetoric of an echo housing bubble, the lower rate cycle could revive demand sending prices skyward.
  • $17 trillion in toxic debt remains on the balance sheets of central banks and major money center banking institutions.
  • Our guest expects economic collapse and runaway inflation, making gold and related PMs investments absolutely essential.
  • The duo both support the idea of holding a modicum core position in a broad basket of cryptocurrencies as a shield.
  • Key takeaway: Harry S. Dent Jr. is bracing for what his models suggest could be an abrupt and unanticipated US financial market correction where unwary investors lose 42% in value with little time to react.